Friday, March 30, 2012


In light of the fact that I keep thinking I'll give Cuna tomorrow off and have subsequently ridden like 10 days in a row, I arbitrarily decided that he could have today off. Thankfully, he didn't seem too upset especially since his peppermint supply was recently restocked.

He'll be back in action again tomorrow. After all, we have finally rounded up a bridle that I think I won't hate, have a bit on it's way in the mail, and are going to test ride a loaner saddle. Exciting times!

Rest assured, the wondermare is not forgotten. She was ridden by one of Stephanie's younger (and less experienced) students yesterday, and the girl really liked her, so I guess that means she was good. Stephanie rode her today in preparation for another showing tomorrow. I'd say cross your fingers, but I don't seem to gain any special blogger luck from that. Anyways. I will have her all clean and tidied up. I'll probably have to get pictures...


  1. As always, rooting for things to go well and for Izzy to find a home you both like. =)

  2. Crossed fingers on a blog site makes it awfully hard to wish you good luck. Makes it too hard to type. *G*

    Cuna looks quite content.

  3. hoping it goes well tomorrow!!! :)

  4. Hope all went well with Izzy today!

  5. It's because your bloggers (talking about myself here) don't read them until after the fact because she is always so behind ahhhh!!! I hope it went well anyway lol. :D


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