Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tack Review #3: Five Star Tack Magnolia Bridle

Izzymare modeling the stunning Five Star Tack Magnolia Bridle.

Basic info:

MSRP: This style of this bridle is not available anymore. As I recall, the original price was around $300 for the bridle less reins.
What I paid: $120 on

General description: Available in black leather with (gorgeous) white contrast stitching, this bridle was distinctive for two reasons. First off the silver star on the browband, second the padded but flat and 1.5" wide cavesson. There are double keepers for all the straps, a lovely padded crank, and elegant nickel buckles.

My relationship to this product: I saw a few pictures on the Five Star Tack facebook page and was immediately smitten: this was the bridle I needed to have. I scoured the internet and scored the only used on available for Izzy the big-headed Oldenburg mare. I had it for just over a year and used it frequently.


Style!-the Magnolia Bridle is traditional enough looking that it doesn't totally stand out and look stupid, but modern and classy enough that a close examination shows a ton of little details.

Leather quality-as with all the Five Star Tack products I have encountered, the leather quality is second to none. Soft, strong, pliable. I was very careful cleaning this bridle because I didn't want to muddy the gleam on the cavesson or darken the stitches.

Sizing-Izzy wore a horse size reliably, but when the only available bridle was oversize, we went with it. I had to punch an extra hole or two, but it fit her beautifully. It's not that the sizing runs small--just that it's flexible enough for a desperate tack whore to put her horse into.

Resale-ability-I mentioned to a friend that I was going to sell it. I had a committed buyer the next morning, willing to pay me what I paid for it. If I'd held out, maybe I could have made money. ;-)

Style-this is a very big, very noticeable bridle. It makes an impression. It is not for the refined head at all ever for any reason, as Cuna demonstrates here.

Crank-I like the padding that cranks provide. The crank on this bridle was a little weird, in that when it was properly adjusted, the strap would go almost into the bit ring. Maybe it was because the size wasn't quite perfect, but it seemed like a design flaw.

An official company image.

All in all, I loved this bridle and was sad to part with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone shopping for a big, classy horse.


  1. Why did you not call me!?!? wah. now I want your bridle you don't have anymore....

  2. Nuts. It would have been perfect for Prairie, too.

  3. Gotta love Five Star!!!!
    I have a couple bridles from them, one is cob, the other is a full. Not sure if I'm going to let go of the cob one... it's just so nice, beautiful stitching. What did you use to clean yours?

  4. When I was reading Pia's blog yesterday I was thinking you two should pair up for some serious tack swapping!

  5. So pretty! Love the star on the me some bling. Not sure is the Diva's head is quite large enough to pull off that type of bridle. But I need to start looking for a new one for her soon. Mine is starting to wear out and don't tell - but I dyed my fav reins black to match that old bridle!


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