Friday, March 9, 2012

Show Prep

On a whim, I pulled out Izzy's dressage bridle and put it on Cuna.


Yeah, not ever going to work. I mean, it fit ok, but y'all can see how it looks. It's a lovely bridle for a horse with a bigger, less delicate head. It is a terrible bridle for an old red jumping horse with a refined muzzle.

I think he was embarrassed.

Thankfully, I then took the bridle off, clipped up his fetlocks, and washed his tail. He looks quite smashing and is all set to show tomorrow. I haven't told him that I'm also going to try my figure eight bridle on him to see how cute it could look...


  1. Aw, he'd look cute in anything!

    Have fun at the show. I'll be waiting here to find out how it all goes.

  2. Ha! Yeah it sort of drowns his face lol. I can't wait to read about the show! Good luck!!

  3. He doesn't look very impressed with the bridle lol,
    Good Luck for tomorrow.

  4. Have a fun show! Gosh that Cuna is cute.

  5. Did I really just write "Gosh". What I meant to say was -Damn that horse is cute!


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