Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hang Time

In a nearly unprecedented turn of events, Cuna and I got two lessons in one week. Pretty amazing. It was weird to not really have time to work on stuff between the lessons. I've never really had that feeling before.

2'11" square oxer from Monday

I took a screen cap off the video from our last lesson and was pretty impressed with how good we looked. I don't 100% love my leg, but all in all, I've improved a ton and I am relaxed and confident, so let's not nitpick too much.

Eyes are up, back is flat, straight line from elbow to mouth. Those are all good. Just need to get my leg a bit more under me.

Since our last lesson was Monday, I gave Cuna Tuesday off, then we hacked lightly yesterday and I rode without stirrups for a bit. That was it. Cuna was stiffer than I'd like today, since he's not the sort of horse that handles time off well. Steph gave us a cool exercise to use to help supple him up without fighting him, and we were ready to jump.

Again, if you like us, you should watch this. It's only 15 seconds long and there are no endlessly boring trot loops or anything, so you should be good. This was our last ride down through the grid. I was working on keeping weight in my feet while riding straight.

Oh, and not completely losing my mind about the MASSIVE JUMP at the end. I actually did really well--not one panic attack or moment of nausea. That's a huge leap for me.

You know what else is a huge leap?

Another screencap. We need real pictures again soon.

This monster. After the lesson, I hopped off and measured. Yes folks, Cuna and I jumped a 3'3" oxer. More than once.

And we lived to tell the tale.

As you can see in the picture, we had hang time. All feet off the ground.

What a feeling. <3 my old man horse.


  1. Jealous, jealous, jealous. And I am also amazed and inspired at how quickly you have gone from being nervous about a crossrail to jumping 3 foot oxers. Truly awesome!

  2. woot!!! now send some of that confidence over here! :)

  3. 3'3" ? awesome!! Pretty sure I would pee a little if faced with that.

  4. Congrats you guys are look great together!

  5. You two are making a super pair! Love the oxer. It makes you both look really good!

  6. What a stellar old man. The two of you look so lovely!

  7. VIDEO IS FABULOUS!!! Great job - you look like a pro.

  8. That is awesome!!! I'm glad you're getting your confidence back. :D


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