Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Bump in the Road

The best at posing
Last week, I focused on riding effectively. I held contact, rode Courage forward, and didn't let him lean out his shoulders. Not surprisingly, he gave me some really quality work. We slipped in a weekend ride, I got two of the best trot transitions that he's probably ever done.

Then he took Sunday off and we picked things up again today. We started strong--his walk was the best it's ever been. I did very little and he was giving me nice work. We could bend both ways and move off my leg and steer very accurately.

I was elated. We stepped up into the trot with a totally decent transition that I only prepped for just a few strides...

...and there was just the tiniest hitch in his get-a-long.

We dropped back to walk, and he felt fine.

He is the best at time off
Up to trot (another nice transition), and it was more defined. Redheadlins said it looked like left front. I pulled his boots off, checked his legs, and picked his feet. Nothing was immediately apparent. No heat, no swelling, no rubs, no rocks.

I hopped back on without his boots to see if it was a rub problem, but no dice. Definitely off when asked to make a tight left hand turn. Pretty much fine on a straightaway.

Oh Courage.

His farrier will be out to check on him soon and he gets bodywork later this week. He's also taking a little time off to recuperate. I guess it's decent timing, since I am absolutely slammed this month, but I hope he feels better soon. He's just so much fun to ride!


  1. Yuck. I Am Sure He Will Be Back At Dominating The world very Quickly.

  2. He's so cute it should be illegal. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Boo. Maybe a little bruise? Hope it's minor and you are back on soon!

  4. Hopefully it's just something minor and he could simply be sore from doing real work. Fingers crossed!

  5. Hope he feels better soon! Good job to you to noticing it soon, not pushing him, and being an advocate for what he needs! We're thinking about you guys and crossing our fingers for just a stone bruise or maybe abscess forming. XOXO

  6. Sending good (sound) thoughts your way! Hopefully he is back to his normal awesome self soon!

  7. Crossing my fingers that he just needed a bit of rest!

  8. Got my fingers crossed for you and Courage! I went through that sort of thing with many of my OTTB babies, always after a few months in. Hope he doesn't have to be the best at time off for too much longer!


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