Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Progression in Trot, Take II

Since Courage is closing in on being a whole three months off the track, I thought it would be fun to look at what a mere 90 days can do to a horse. 

Baby C-rage
August 2013

Courage was days off the track when this was taken--I don't think it had even been a week. I love this shot because it showed me what he had the potential to do. I mean, I'd never really seen him trot intentionally until he came home.

His neck is actually a little lower than was the norm at the time and his movement is a little more upward than forward, but it's still a lovely shot of a lovely horse.

Local circuit C-rage
September 2013

After a month of work, Courage has made some big leaps forward. His neck/head are dropping down to a more acceptable range and the whole picture is much more relaxed. His tail is lower, his action is more forward.

This pretty well represents where we were at the time. He was trying to figure out what I wanted, I was trying to figure out what ride he needed.

Training level C-rage
October 2013

Two months in! Courage is starting to understand contact and forward. His muscling is changing around and I'm finally figuring out what tack to put him in. (Seriously. Different saddle and bridle in every pic!)

He is moving forward and starting to figure out what his topline is for. This isn't his "100% confirmed always only ever" way of going, but it's becoming the norm. We're figuring life out.

It's really fun for me to lay this out side-by-side and see the changes we're making. I get too hung up on the day-to-day or the fact that a real trainer would move him along a lot faster than his ammy owner (me), but the truth is that we're both having a blast and he's definitely made some changes.*

*Though apparently I have a problem with looking down. At least my hands aren't in my lap!


  1. He really has come a long way in a short time! You two are looking wonderful :)

  2. You are definitely not giving yourself enough credit. Between those conformation shots you posted a while ago to these trot photos, it's hard to believe that they are of the same horse -- Courage looks totally different!!

    He's a sporty sporthorse now :-D

  3. So far in such a short time! Great job lady! He really is looking great in that last shot. It took so long for Steady to understand contact. C looks like he is getting the hang of it quick! And the biggest difference I see that makes a world of difference is he is so much on the forehand in the first two and really learning to use his hindend in the last one. Really, great job!!

  4. Staring at the head . . . we all do it. Nice looking pony!

  5. He looks great, and nothing wrong with taking it slow, frankly its better for a lot of the horses to do so. He's adorable and coming along beautifully.

  6. You're doing a great job. Of course, it helps to have a good horse to do it on. *S* Hope Courage's little limp goes away sooner than later. Fall is the time to ride!!

  7. He has filled out beautifully and I adore his little tail!! I'm sure he'll be back on track soon, it's never a linear journey, sigh...

  8. Amazing transformation! Glad things are going so well with Courage. You deserve it!!

  9. Awesome seeing you guys progress :)

  10. You sure know how to find the pretty ponies! :) I enjoyed reading way back into your archives today and learning about more about your horses(and your transitions between them). I don't think I'll be back "into" horses anytime soon, but I expect I'll always enjoy them vicariously. e-cookies for Courage and Cuna both. :)


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