Thursday, June 25, 2015

Challenge ACCEPTED

we are the best at toodling
Courage and I are taking some intentional down time from dressage and have been toodling and doing nothing.

The internet is a dangerous place for toodling, as you might be aware. I was reading through Eventing Nation's #EventerProblems list and I thought it was funny right up until I saw the last image on this list.

And because I am toodling (and have loony friends), I thought "we can do that" and then immediately "I bet I can make a competition out of this". So I emailed it to the obvious choice for the challenge (and not the one that would kick both our asses without even trying) and obviously, she was in.

It's all been a very hush hush project, because you don't go advertising to your competition just how you train your horse to WIN, but here's what I did on day one:

1) Get water trough.
I'll teach those DQs to leave things laying out....

2) Show it to horse in the arena.
so interesting now

3) Lunge horse over similar skinnies to remind him that he does things other than dressage.
so easy now

4) Lunge horse over it with standard(s).

4) Show it to horse under saddle and establish that he still has to go forward/straight.
forgot to take a pic of this part, so you get yesterday's shot again
5) Jump over other, similar skinnies that horse is familiar with to get him thinking about jumping. And skinnies. And straightness. Oh, and to re-tune my jumping position/aids.
Wore the same outfit, but looked better in my head



  1. Now I wish I had a water trough to jump over, because I totally would

  2. ARGH cliff hanger! What is this... NETFLIX?!

    1. Now we demand video since you made us wait!!!!!!!

  3. yessssssssss!!!! i saw that and thought the same thing lol.... can't wait to see what happens! (and may or may not start scrounging for a water trough lol)

  4. Way to keep us tuned in with a cliffhanger!

  5. Lol we have different definitions of toodling! That looks challenging!! Can't wait for the end. =D

  6. first it's water troughs ... then folding chairs ... then picnic tables ...

  7. Wahhhh how can I win the challenge when prisoner is having a week or two off!?

  8. The rainbow reins look fabulous.

  9. Wahhhh how can I win the challenge when prisoner is having a week or two off!?

  10. Not being invited to eventer challenge because you are a wimp #dqproblems


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