Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SB's Updated Guide to Horse Showing on the Cheap

just riding at a horse show
I horse showed some as a kid/young adult. I had a couple of ways to cut corners and make things more affordable for myself. Now that I'm showing again as an adult, let's revisit those.

1) Eat your friends' food instead of bringing your own.

Theory: This is a really great idea when you're a kid--even if your parents don't come to your shows, your friends' parents will have pity on you and you'll never be without.

Practice: When you hit adult ammy ranks, you can't count on parents to show up. If your friends are anything like you, then you'll all forget food and you might die. This is bad.

that moment when there's a line
2) Avoid drinking too much water so you don't have to keep taking bathroom breaks.

Theory: Should be a big time saver, right?

Practice: This is a terrible idea. If you actually survive the day as an adult (unlikely), you will be so wiped out that it takes DAYS to recover.

3) Drink cheap alcohol at the end of the day. You're so dehydrated that you get double the punch for half the price.

Theory: right?


4) Only enter at shows that matter so the pressure is on and you can PERFORM.

Theory: helps avoid spending money on entries for shows that aren't important, guarantees only getting sweet ass ribbons instead of cheapie nasties.

Practice: You are too old and nervous to perform under pressure. Use all the schooling shows to get yourself and your horse ready. You'll need them.

5) Only have the absolute minimum of required show attire. Show used, buy on the cheap.

Theory: spend all your money on entries, not toys.

Practice: Well, this sort of holds up. Except when you get a grown up job and you're like "F*** YEAH BUYING TACK", which happens from time to time around here.

All that to say. Horse showing is really expensive. It's also strangely addicting. I sent in two more entries yesterday and created a sidebar to track our progress. I realize that I basically just jinxed myself, but I am SO EXCITED to have a horse that I can (gasp!) have fun with at shows again.


  1. Ha! Cute blog entry.

    I am also bad for not eating!

  2. LOL! I remember when I was a kid my friend's mom used to make us the best little bags of horse show snacks. I need her back!!!

  3. If you drink cheap alcohol before you get on, you don't need water or food and you suddenly become courageous... :-)

    In all seriousness, love this. Must remember to pack food for Sunday's show!

  4. LOVE IT! And I love the change in attitude and perspective it shows on your part. :) I am usually so nervous I can't eat during the day anyway, so I save money by only ingesting Gatorade and Cheez-Its instead of actual food.

  5. Hahahhaha so true. And I'm so glad you are showing and having fun. I think spending money on shows is similar to spending money on clinics, because you both learn so much from them! That makes it more justifiable, right?

  6. I love your guide to horseshowing on the cheap! My friend's mom brought snacks to the schooling show I did last fall. Not ashamed to say I totally took advantage of the mom snacks!

    Usually, left to my own devices, I stuff a few dollars in my breeches and eat out of the food trucks. Junk food is one of my favorite parts of showing!

  7. These are absolutely awesome tips.

  8. Okay this made me laugh REALLY hard.

  9. Hahaha! ...except booze for breakfast day of show=winning.

  10. I agreed with all of this until I got to the part about not drinking and then I was all OH HELLS NO. I might be an alcoholic.

  11. Love this! I follow all of these recommendations, but I also add one: Show up approximately 10 minutes before time of entry, leave immediately after test(s) are finished. Theory: You won't be tempted by vendors and the drinking water is a moot point. Practice: You're not going to be ready for your test!

  12. I love you young-self logic. Peeing? Who needs to pee?!

    I am rarely without snacks though, so I can typically be relied upon to feed others!

  13. Ahaha yes!! My young self was kind of an idiot at shows in much the same way. Now it's ALL the schooling shows and always planning for snacks and water.

  14. love your rules!! but even more so i'm so excited for you and Courage getting back out there again!


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