Monday, June 15, 2015

DERBY #2: Wherein Asses Are Kicked and Names Are Taken (mostly our own)

Courage is on the property
So that happened.

Ooph. As predicted on Friday, I am deader than a very dead smelling thing that your dog rolled in and prompted multiple baths with anti-odor shampoo. (No one else has beagles? Well, it's a thing. Trust me.)

Good news: it's (mostly) the good kind of dead.

So for reference, this was the first show where Courage basically had to step off the trailer into the dressage warm up and go. Like a show horse. That's how his dressage show next weekend is going to be also, so I figured another ground poles derby would be excellent prep.

Anywhoodle. Here's how it went: Great.

Courage hopped off, plunked around warm up, did some nice work, and in we went.

It's actually getting kind of fun--instead of being like "dear god please don't die", I ride the horse in the test. We had some good moments (ROUND circles) and some less good moments (free walk does NOT equal rooting the reins out of my hands, horse).

But hey. He's learning. I'm learning. I don't think we got anything lower than a 6 and we nailed an 8 on our final halt, so yay dressage.



grown ups
Guess who stands tied to a trailer like a grown up horse?


Super proud of that.

Anyways. I walked my "XC" course. (I'm trying not to be self deprecating, but it's hardly xc when it's poles on flat ground in a circle.) I actually didn't feel like puking too much, so that was fantastic.

yeah no
Getting to the xc course was a whole other story. We had to go through a dip of death with a ditch at the bottom WAY FAR AWAY from all the other horses. And also we were first, so there were no buddies.

We got within about ten yards of the dip and Courage started running backwards. I spun him around and stuck my spurs in him, he said yes ma'am, and wouldn't you know, the dip of death wasn't an issue at all.

And off we went! The pictures don't really capture it, because our photog is used to taking pictures of people who, well, jump. So he shot the obstacles... which aren't that impressive.

Still. At our first derby, we walked 60-80%. At this one, I brought him back to walk for his poles until he settled, and then we trotted them. Oh, AND at one point we cantered a few strides and didn't die.

All good things. In fact, by the very end, I (GET THIS PEEPS) ACTUALLY TOOK A HIGH OPTION.

Admittedly, it was a log barely bigger than a pole, but it was outside our comfort zone and we nailed it. That's big for us. Taking risks. Living dangerously. All that.

class of one. #noshame
We finished on our dressage score to win our intensely competitive division (of one). I'm pumped for the ribbon because I'm a satin ho. I'm also pumped to jump double clear and conquer some of those nasty xc demons together.

We're building positive experiences together and becoming a stronger team. It's so much fun. :-)


  1. Fabulous! So happy! Great job!

  2. I don't have words to convey how delightful the "HIGH OPTION" picture is. Congratulations!

  3. SO MUCH YAY!!! I saw this on IG and Facebook, I'm so proud of you! You and Courage went in there and did the damn thing :)

  4. Blue ribbons for finishing are still just as bad ass as blue ribbons in a big field! So happy to see you killing those ground poles with all the confidence!

  5. SO WONDERFUL!!!! So proud! You are killing it!!

  6. Great job!!!! You guys seem more confident each weekend outing!

  7. That sparkly rainbow brush looks like something a unicorn needs...

    1. Oh yeah. When I found out there were sparkle brush prizes, it's a good thing there were no kids in the way. MOVE OVER BITCHES THE RAINBOW IS MINE.

    2. So much awesome in this statement. :)

  8. Whoop! Congrats you two, more pretty satin!

  9. UMMM YEAH!!! You kicked butt and took names! Love it!

  10. YAY!! Congratulations Aimee -- you've worked really hard to accomplish this and you should be SUPER proud. I'm so, so happy for you :D

  11. Blue participation ribbons are totally legit when you're that awesome!

  12. You earned your ribbon! Those positive experiences are so important. :)

  13. This sounds like exactly what you were in need of. Congratulations! And yay Courage for being an adult!

  14. Yay! Congrats on a very successful outing!

  15. YAAAASSSSSS!!!! =D So so happy for you!

  16. Awesome! great pic of you guys taking the high option! I'm so happy you had back to back great outings!

  17. Absolutely love that last picture of you guys! Great job & congrats!

  18. Woohoo positives are best & that rainbow brush + satin = total icing on the cake ☺☺☺

  19. Congrats! A really positive outing for both of you.

  20. Congratulations! What a great experience for you both.

  21. The blue is the blue. So don't tell anyone who else was in the class...or not. Great day and a great experience for you both.

    Winning is always a high. I had a super successful hunter/jumper who won nearly everything "back in the day." Later, I did OK with my next horses, but it was never quite the same. Being competitive is what it's all about and a good part of the fun goes out of it when all you do is make excuses.

    I did learn, after my mutiple champion horse, to accept colors other than blue, and I did compete for many years afterwards with moderate success. Now, I have essentially retired from the show ring and honestly don't miss it. I'm not sure I would feel the same way if I'd never been a winner.

    So, go out with that nifty horse of yours and go for the top spot every time. Even if you don't always make it, you will always have the satisfaction of knowing you did your best and gave it your all.

  22. Congrats! You guys rocked it.


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