Friday, June 12, 2015


doin this again
Pretty much all my posts this month have been horse show related, which is super weird for me. But eh, it's been fun. 

We have another show this weekend (event derby at ground poles. omg! maybe I won't puke and/or pee myself in the warmup this time. or maybe i will. stay posted!). We also have some pony fun times planned at our old barn. Jumping lesson! Riding in fields! Friends! Froyo! Good things.

last jump lesson was 4/19. yikes!
Then a little R&R and then a legit dressage show. With a judge who is paid. And ribbons. Annnnnnd yeah let's not think too hard about that right now. (Has anyone noticed how training level tests are a lot longer than intro? omg. Another thing we're not thinking about). 

All that to say. I fully expect to be mostly dead on Monday. I hope that's because I'm recovering from the most amazing weekend in recent memory, but with a green horse at a new venue, it's anybody's guess. 

Uhhhh. Fingers crossed?


  1. YAY for pony weekends with friends! You and Courage will be awesome at the event derby :) Good luck!

  2. WOOT horse show weekends. I might start suffering from withdrawal soon, with the long empty summer looming ahead.

  3. Fun stuff! Enjoy! And girl stop saying those things. Embrace your inner bad ass think positive and just remember it doesn't have to be perfect to be a good experience for C.

  4. How exciting! Good luck with the pole derby!!!

  5. you got this! hope you and Courage have so much fun!

  6. Froyo totally makes the pony adventures.

  7. OMG you are doing training level! We will be competing against eachother!


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