Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Cycle of Rainbows

Safety first, kids!
See, I do this thing where I get really, really focused on certain goals and pursue them at the expense of everything else.

And then I get burned out and quit doing everything for a while.

That's not a particularly great character trait, but it's very consistent. Thus, in an attempt to continue adulting before the burnout phase kicks in, I am voluntarily taking a little break with Courage.

so fancy
He got Sunday after the show off. Monday we toodled in the stock saddle a little because he was still down a shoe.

And then Tuesday we toodled more and played neck reining trail horse all around the property in our cheapie mechanical hackmore that we're trying out.

yeah rainbow sparkles
I'm enjoying the little things, like busting out the rainbow sparkle brush we won at our last derby. Oh, and I maybe possibly bought myself the rainbow roping reins I've been wanting forever because obviously. Champion dressage horses need rainbow reins.

repping the OTTB
We're mostly just hacking around the property, opening gates, and walking through ditches, but I think it's so important for both of us to have some time to hang out, have fun, and not pick. At all.

We might jump tomorrow. Or we might go bareback in a halter.


  1. Yesyesyes I love this! So important to remember that this sport is FUN and we don't have to be going hard every single day. I think I needed that reminder, thank you :)

  2. I think horses experience a similar sort of burn out, and probably much faster than we humans do. It's a good idea to slow things down and take a break. Chances are, if you're feeling the pressure, then it has stopped being fun for the horse too. RAINBOW GEAR FTW!!!

  3. I LOVE the rainbow reins. :) And the t-shirt.

  4. Think we are in the same mode/mood right now!

  5. [Nodding head in agreement throughout this post] As you know from my blog, as much as I want to perfect our walk pirouettes and become a dressage champion, I also do plenty of bareback riding and trail rides and jumping and dressing the pony up in pink and drinking wine. It's better for everyone!

  6. Bobby might need those rainbow reins too.

  7. there's nothing quite like bopping around in a hackamore with ridiculously festive reins. i love it!

  8. I am with you completely. At least once a week I have a no-demands ride. No demands on me or the horse. Just enjoying being together - whatever that may be that day. And sometimes you need a whole week (or longer) of those kinds of rides.

    Love the rainbow reins. Match your fancy champion brush nicely =)

  9. Those reins are pretty fantastic!

  10. I love roping reins! And Courage looks awesome in his western get up. I want a whole western set too. I love doing games.

  11. Toodling is the best part of owning your own horse!


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