Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting An Education

He's a Sprenger man
After two shows in 4 days (which officially doubled the number of shows Courage has been to in his entire life), we've been having a little down time.

Which is to say some days are literally ambling around on the buckle with our rehab buddy and walking for 40 minutes.

I did ride by myself on Saturday morning and had a truly magical dressage session that really blew me away.

yeah this noseband is making my week
This is what I'm really loving this year--Courage and I are signed up for two more shows this month. We don't really have to do anything to practice for them because he's actually broke enough now that we should be able to get through them even on our bad days.

Some people are all about show nerves and excitement and adrenaline and competition and I'm over here like "I just wanna have some low key fun". I'm not saying that I don't ever want to be a serious competitor.

Just that right now, both Courage and I are finding out what's fun about going to shows.

And that it's ok to be really exhausted after them.

And that we don't always have to suck at them.

having great stirrups helps
I mean, yeah, a braver rider than myself could probably jump Courage around a beginner novice course RIGHT NOW.

But eh. Why? We have nothing to prove and nowhere to be. I'm actually enjoying the process of making my own horse, and when I reduce showing down to it's most basic elements, it's turning out to be fun for me too.

I feel like Courage and I have gained so much confidence together this winter/spring that I'm much happier riding through what he throws at me.

And (dare I say it?) I think he's starting to trust me as his leader.

So I don't care if we win all the ribbons or none of them. I know this year's showing is all about getting exposure and I'm totally shocked and excited to learn that exposure can actually be, well, fun. Who knew?

This year is about learning and growing together.

I like it.


  1. Words cannot describe how much I *love* that noseband!

  2. I like it, too.
    Plus, he's certainly one of the most well appointed critters in the game!

  3. i dig the noseband too!

  4. You need a shirt that says "Boss Mare". ;)

  5. You keep posting pictures of those Lorenzinis and I keep thinking I need some ...

  6. In love with this post, you go girl!

  7. I love it! Learning how to enjoy shows is a great education to have.

  8. Shows should always be fun! (Minus a rare few minutes if something really goes wrong...)

  9. Yay! I agree completely. For green horses, shows are 100% educational experiences, and if the rider can have fun - bonus!

  10. I'm really happy that you're enjoying getting the experience! Loved reading this!

  11. i'm all about showing for fun too - and just bc a horse *could* get around at a higher level doesn't necessarily mean he *should*. confidence is key for ponies AND riders haha

  12. Great post. I'm adopting this philosophy myself this year

  13. I love it! Jump in with both feet! And that nose and rocks!

  14. I'm so glad you guys are having a good time!


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