Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Daily Ride Outfit Thingy

Stephanie P over at Hand Gallop is doing a daily ride outfit blog hop, which is kind of cool. I'm a total tack junkie and I've loved reading everyone's answer, but I can't really participate. 

Not because I'm some sort of horrible hop-hating harridan (you're welcome), but because I'm screwing with our equipment CONSTANTLY and well... there isn't a normal. 

The basics are this: I jump/hack in an 18" Barnsby Diablo on a medium tree and I dressage in an 18" Ideal something or other with a M or MW tree. I have some saddle pads. I have some Ogilvies. I have some peg protection. I mainly play with bridles and bits... here's the current set up: 

so much right
4. PS of Sweden Flat Out Revolution

This bridle is amazing. It's the low end of the PS of Sweden line and it's quite utilitarian looking, but I just keep coming back to it. The clips are so easy to use. The look is very classic and simple, so it works on a lot of faces.

The leather is nice enough to use, but not so nice that you feel bad abusing it. The flash is completely removable.

It's not fancy and sometimes I try to put it away so I look like less of a tack ho at the barn, but I keep coming back to this bridle. It is the quintessential training bridle and I love it.

It's perfect for new bit trying day or hauling to shows or whenever I might need something quick and simple. 

fantastic charm not included
3. PS of Sweden High Function Revolution

SAD NEWS: This bridle isn't currently available on the internet!! I hope it isn't discontinued.

Regardless, this was my Valentine's present from hubs, and it is lovely. The padding is super soft and again, the very simple, classic design works well for a lot of faces.

It's wide enough to be visually interesting without overwhelming the face. It isn't so padded that it distracts from Courage's very tiny head. It also comes with a fully removeable flash, but Courage just isn't a flash kind of guy, so we don't use it.

It's pretty, it's classic, and I love looking at it, and of course, it's our go-to on dressage days.

another fantastic charm
2. PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution

This bridle just makes me happy. The anatomic design is brilliant. The way it fits Courage's face is lovely. I love the fact that it's visibly very "different" and...


I love it. What else can I say?

I use it to jump or hack or dressage or whatever strikes my fancy.

Franken pride
1. FRANKENBRIDLE (not available by retail)

I know, I know. I was ostensibly trying to get Courage out of the Frankenbridle but instead, I just Franken'ed it more.

This bridle is a total mishmash. It's a Nunn Finer (cob size) crown and cheeks with my Ocala Tack Shack custom race noseband and a Dark Jewel Designs browband, coupled with my favorite PS of Sweden softie grip reins.

I know it looks a bit crazy, but I love it so much. The reins mean I can use my fancy breastcollar+running martingale if need, while the plain cavesson permits a standing martingale, which we use almost every ride.

The sparkles get changed out to match any given outfit and that noseband is just plain FABULOUS.

I use it a lot. It's obviously the go-to for standing martingale days and game days and cross country and hacking and jumping and... frequently the hardest part of my ride is choosing a bridle.

In fact, the biggest complication right now is that C-rage has selected his one and only be all and end all of bits, and naturally, it is the $220 bit that I got for a song a year or so ago. I don't know why I have 4 favorite bridles if I can only ever ride in the same damn bit.

I am playing with a sprenger d that Jess loaned me to see if we could at least have something mildly cheaper+cuter next time I'm in the bit market. Fingers crossed!

And yeah, that's more or less what we ride in any given day, not including western days...


  1. Do you ever have trouble with your PS bridle browband snaps coming undone? My husband's horse has a PS bridle and it is always coming unsnapped, we glued the snaps shut and it has been good, I really love the bridle otherwise!

    1. Christa--I really haven't. The only time I've had that happen was the other day when he played on the lunge and the line caught in the browband momentarily. Oops! Everything stayed on just fine, but I resnapped it when I got him stopped. You might email them and ask about it? I'd think that was a safety issue (though easily fixable by glue, as you point out).

  2. I think you need more bridles. Like a Dy'On.

    1. It's not that I haven't been tempted. ;-)

  3. How is the Barnsby saddle? Comfy? We've been keeping an eye on saddles again since the mare doesn't seem to like her current saddle. Someone recommended a Barnsby to me because of her medium high withers/downhill build. I haven't come across any in my area.

    1. My barnsby is the only jump saddle I've found for under 3500 (new or used) that fits myself and Courage. He has high (but not full shark fin) withers and a fairly narrow barrel. I've call him level to maybe a hair uphill, so I don't know what it would do with a downhill horse. The Diablo model is specifically very forward cut to accommodate my super amazingly long femurs and the balance point is perfect for my long-torsoed self. I'm really terrible at describing panel shape and configuration, so not much help there. Courage is a pretty average medium and it fits him pretty well.

  4. I was so looking forward to your post on this blog hop, and you didn't disappoint! Tack Ho Extraordinaire.

  5. so i love that every time you give us a little tour of your tack room, all the main players are different haha. your bridle collection is gorgeous!

    1. If I wasn't an avowed Ho, I'd be ashamed of the level of turnover.

      I am.

      So I'm not.

  6. So many bridles! I get nervous if I have more than two per horse.

  7. I love the frankenbridle! Just looks so cool.

  8. Such awesome leather goods as always ♡♡♡

  9. I seem to have just started collecting bridles. I have a flat cavesson hunter bridle, a padded black eventing bridle a brown flat cavesson and two different driving bridles. All for one small bay pony!

  10. You are my point person for new tack- if I want it, you've likely tried it :)

  11. Hahaha love all the bridles, you could do like a post per tack item :)

  12. Can you tell me how I can order a racing noseband? I'm in love :)

  13. That's a lot of bridles... :)

  14. Has Courage received bridle modeling gig yet?? Such a handsome boy!

  15. I agree you need new leather to play with


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