Friday, August 27, 2010

Cold Front

It was 50f and windy this morning. It's also my birthday, and yes, I was cleaning. Between the cold and me being tired, I was not the most chipper person ever. Also, the person who was supposed to help didn't show up. And I wanted to jump, but I only had my dressage stuff.

So, that's a lot of excuses for me just turning Cassie and Izzy out in the arena and letting them play. They had a good old time while I worked, then I put them away and went home. Now I'm at work... I brought my needy lil' beagle with me, and he's being predictably needy.
Here's a picture of the beagle making friends with one of my husband's rabbits at home. So cute!


  1. So cute! I know I've told you before but I love that beagle of yours! That face -- too adorable for words. I wouldn't get any work done with those ears and those eyes looking up at me :)

  2. Cute picture of the beagle...considering that beagles are trained to hunt rabbits around here. Just goes to show how compatible some creatures could be without man's intervention.


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