Monday, August 9, 2010

Where I Recruit a Friend

Guess what? Not only did I win a contest(!!), I also have a few riding pictures(!!!). It's a banner day. I got a friend to come out with me to take some pictures this morning.

We tried the saddle on again. I still like how it sits on her and I'm getting used to it not being as pretty as my other one, that I guess now I have to sell. :-(

We're in the round pen again to take advantage of the super soft footing. Izzy is about as quiet and unbothered as can be.

She's really stretching down nicely while staying forward. It's quite relaxing to ride.
I'm trying not to do too much with her. I just want a little rhythm and regularity.
Nice trot on a loose rein. I didn't want to pick up too much contact because I want her totally free to express her opinions, both about the saddle and about how her leg is feeling. She looked almost totally sound today.
Change of direction... what a pretty pony.
Happy left lead canter.
The only time I even picked up the reins. Nice, balanced right lead canter. It felt really good.
I know, there's lots of walking pictures. Two reasons: 1) We're doing a lot of walking to keep anything from getting worse. 2) She's just so pretty that I'm putting a lot of them up.

See? Pretty. I'm not too worried about my riding. Yeah, it isn't fabulous in this series, but we're focused on happy and easy instead of competitive right now.
And we're done. Isn't she a good looking horse? Feel free to say nice things about her. ;-)


  1. I will say nice things. *G* Izzy is a beauty that's for sure. And she seems quite happy in the saddle, so that's good news as well.

    Hopefully she will be fully sound soon and ready for some more serious work. But, to be honest, days of just the relaxing stuff can do wonders to keep a horse happy.

  2. Lovely pictures - she looks very happy and relaxed. Glad the saddle seems to be working out. Relaxing work actually helps build the relationship for the future, so it's certainly not wasted time.

  3. Love these photos! She is beautiful and looks very content with the work you are doing. It doesn't always have to be hard work, especially if she's not quite 100% right now. Glad the saddle is working out!

  4. I enjoy the fact that you are so unapologetically biased in favour of your horse. She is a nice horse. Every day I check your blog in the hopes of reading about an improvement in her soundness problem.


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