Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Day

No one was around today when I got Izzy out, so I really took my time with her. I gave her a thorough grooming and wrapped her legs with her special climatex bandages. It's not so much that I want the protection and support (?) as it is that I wanted all her legs to look the same so the white one didn't throw me off at all when I looked at them.

Next I put her in the round pen to trot around both directions. Honestly, she looks pretty good. Her stride looks really even--it's just that ever so slight head bob that the optimist in me wants to say is just part of how she moves. (The optimist isn't always right, unfortunately.) I decided that walking her around under saddle wouldn't hurt anything at least, so we went back to the trailer and tacked up, then headed out to the arena for the first time.

I've been riding in the round pen because the footing is softer, but it's also uneven and obviously, we do a lot of turning. Today I planned to just do some easy walk work mostly on straight lines. Izzy was great. We haven't had a lesson in ages, but I think I'm developing a feel for what she's doing so we're better able to work together. We di some leg yields and straight lines and even eventually a little trot. Here's the interesting part: Izzy is more than willing to stretch down. At the trot, she's even forward into the contact and she doesn't feel off at all.

Weird, huh? I'm hoping to have Cathy look at her Monday.

We have a trim and new shoes scheduled for this week as well as a chiro visit. I have no idea if she'll be ready to go to the show with us, but I realized that it really doesn't matter to me. As long as it's her pretty face greeting me at the barn, I guess I'm ok with just hanging out and doing this forever.


  1. She does have a pretty face! Glad things seem to be going well.

  2. Good news at last. I have to admit whatever was wrong with Tucker's foot took a long time to come around and despite x-rays, vet and farrier, we never did pinpoint it. So, Izzy seems to be right on target getting better.

    Sometimes it's nice to just take the pressure off yourself about training and competing and just enjoy your horse. A read a smile in your post.

  3. This is great news. Things are headed in the right direction. I couldn't agree more with you re taking all pressure off. She'll be fine. And she is VERY pretty!

  4. I am wondering when you work in the ring with Izzy, how long are you in the ring with her for? Do you have a set list of things you want to do before you get there? I'm asking because every time I am in the ring with my horse, I start to feel restless after 20 minutes or so. I am trying to do more ringwork to make her an all around better horse, but I get frustrated out there. And hen she gets sick of it. So i am seeing what the experts do! You, to me, are a ring expert!

  5. SO great that you were able to ride her for a bit! I agree... she sure does have a pretty face :)

  6. Sometimes just hanging out with your horse is the sweetest reward.


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