Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time is Short

Izzy got her feet done and brand new shoes today. We used a new farrier, since I couldn't get the guy who did the first set to call me back. This was actually a team--the lady does barefoot trimming and bodywork and the guy does shoes. He's even been to school, which is REALLY unusual around here. I was really happy with them. They were great with Izzy and did quite a nice job.

Also, Ms. Pony got her tail and her white leg washed. I even rode her for like 5 minutes, but then I hopped off because it was almost time for our appointment, and I didn't want to make them wait. (It ended up not mattering. They were late.)

Good news, though. Just before I hopped off, I asked Izzy to halt on a long rein. She did, which I expected, BUT she did it without swinging her hips out to the left like she always used to do. Yay! Definitely can see a difference even since yesterday.

I'm still a little scattered because I have a massive amount of stuff to clean and organize and load in my car to leave for the show tomorrow, oh, and I'm at work til 5 and I have people coming over tonight and I work all day tomorrow--I'll have just enough time after work to throw mine and Izzy's stuff in a trailer and then we're gone. Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad the new farrier worked out, and the new straightness must feel wonderful!

  2. Looking forward to all the news when you get back.

    Have fun and enjoy your newly straight horse!


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