Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Getting Restless

I'll admit it. I do not handle inertia well and this year has been pretty much complete inertia. First the freezing cold, then the heavy rains, then the busyness of moving, then the ulcer issue, now the soundness issue... We have made progress, but we've had to cram it in between sorting everything else out.

Did I mention that Izzy's wither rub is back? If I didn't, I did now. My theory is that the wither pad I was using worked well for a while, but now has flattened/stretched to a point that it doesn't right now. It doesn't really matter right now because we're not riding due to the soundness issue, but it gives me one more thing to worry about. Besides, even if I can't ride my horse, I can saddle shop, right? Not saying it's a good idea, just that it's possible.

Anyways. I know this is going to be difficult for all the reasons I talked about last time I was in the saddle market. Izzy's still very picky, there still aren't any saddle fitters in the Boise area, our local tack shop is still hit and miss, and my budget is very small. In an ideal world, I'd buy the new version of the saddle I have now and I'm fairly sure it would work. In the world we live in, $3000 is way beyond my scope.

So anyways... I'll try to distract myself from obsessing about that by obsessing about the ponyface. I got her out and groomed her today. She was sweet and happy to see me. I took her over to the round pen (her first time venturing out of her run and pasture since she arrived Tuesday), and she was very quiet. I just let her trot around the round pen a few times each direction, which confirmed what I already knew. She's still not right. I wasn't really expecting her to be, but I was hoping... Oh well.

PS The best saddle fitter I know is actually Izzy, because she lets me know right away if she likes something or not. The problem is that I can't really test on her when she's lame. It's not fair and I'd have trouble reading her.


  1. Oops, I think I failed you on the saddle. Meant to tell you you might try some shims or something like the dorsal relief pad to create a saddle pad gullet in the saddle.

    That kind of pad is built up on either side, but has nothing along the spine.

    Wish you had the money for the saddle you really want, but I fully understand. They just don't show up used very much, and even then the prices are still high. Phooey.....

  2. If you think the problem is the pad aged/flattened... could you buy another identical pad for when she is sound again, and see if it was the only problem? Buying a new pad every six months is a lot less trouble than getting a new saddle.

  3. Oh no, saddle-fitting issues are the worst! Right now, I have two saddles that I can't use. :-(

    I didn't know of any saddle fitters in my area, either, but then I found out that my trimmer is also an equine massage therapist and a saddle fitter. So, there might be one lurking somewhere in your area, as well. Good luck!

  4. Jean--I'm still drooling on the Elite. I think it would be fabulous; it just happens to be way out of range. The Classic doesn't seem to cause her any trouble for whatever magical reason.

    Bif--yes. However, the way I would know I needed a new pad would be that her hair would get rubbed off again. Also, Izzy tends to not like thick pads. Don't know why, but she's pretty opinionated.

  5. I hear ya on both the saddle fitting and the lameness.

    I went through similar trouble with saddle fit up until Promise was about 8. Have you tried a County saddle? It is the only brand I have ever found that fits Promise's weird "A frame" wither shape.

    My dear pony came up three-legged lame again this morning. Stifle...again. I'm thinking amputation might be easier on her, but hard to explain. Sigh.


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