Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green Pastures

Izzy's settling in at my friend's house now. We checked fences, scrubbed out the water, and arranged for her feeding this morning, the hauled her over. She was a bit upset with her run until she found the super nice run in shed... Then she would just stand under the shade and peek her little nose out.

She was ECSTATIC about the pasture, though. We opened up the gate to let her out and she just galloped and galloped. Cathy was there and commented that she didn't look off at all. Typical. I did give her bute yesterday and today, so I'm thinking it's partly that, partly excitement.

Here's to hoping for an easy recovery.


  1. Oh, Wow!! Way too cool. I am sure she is going to be really happier being able to get out to play and just "Be a horse."

    You are right, though. I've seen too many lame horses go sound when they are frolicking as if the brain forgets the pain in the excitement of the moment.

    Give her a few days to settle in, and then give her a thorough check.

    There, are, too, some lameness issues that actually get better with exercise. My Chance has a strange hind end thing that crops up now and then, but exercise and getting him fit makes it go away.

    Keeping my hops up for you and Izzy and looking forward to some really positive news.

  2. Glad she's happy with the new digs!

  3. Aw, I'm very happy for Izzy! Keep us posted on the soundness....

  4. I hope this works out for you both. Strange soreness issues can be a royal pain to deal with. Glad she's enjoying her turn out. A lot of horses don't get much down time and sometimes it seems like that's all mine get! There has to be a happy medium.


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