Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pictures of the Pasture Puff

Izzy is completely settled in at the new (temporary) place. I was worried that she wouldn't want to see me this morning, since usually I take her away and make her work. Apparently, she still loves me. She was out in the pasture when I got there, but she came back into her run before I had time to go out and take pictures of her.

She remembered that I got her a scratchy brush... and she wanted it used. I gave her a good curry, then we went out to look at the pasture together. She looks sound at the walk, but she always has. It's the trot that makes her gimpy. I'm thinking that I'll just let her hang out through the weekend, then maybe lunge Monday and she where she's at.
Izzy explores the new places.
Hanging out in the run in shed. She was really funny about this. She'd get her whole body in the shade, then just peek her nose out into the sun, like she was saying, "Nope, still hot out there."
There was of course the requisite trotting around and being upset.
She had to see everything!
Here she is today, all happily settled in.
She has this whole pasture to herself, with some buddies just over the fence. At this point, she's far more interested in grass than in buddies.

On a slightly different note, I had an AMAZING jumping lesson on my old girl today. We hadn't really jumped anything more than single 2' fences in years, but today we put a 2'6" course together nicely. I'm so glad to be back!


  1. She looks very happy - and glad your lesson went well!

  2. Having a run in shed in this weather is SO nice for the horse. Glad Izzy is enjoying hers. She looks very happy there.

    What fun to have a good lesson with some real jumps. Hope your horse enjoyed it as much as you did. *G*

  3. I feel so frustrated for you and really admire your determination to resolve Izzy's soundness problems. So glad that you had fun in your lesson today.

  4. Ooooo, that is one nice pasture! I'm sure Izzy is enjoying her days of leisurely munching grass -- what a life! :-)

  5. OH Ms. Izzy!! You need to get better for you mom!! I totally TOTALLY understand the frustration that comes with soundness issues!! Sending good thoughts your way!!


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