Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Update

Thanks for your feedback, everyone. I'm trying to improve my attitude and I've decided to say no to things that come up, instead of just doing them. I think that should help.

I really would like to move Izzy to somewhere more ideal, but right now, it's not a smart financial decision, since none of my jobs are all that stable. That said, I'm considering taking a lesson at the place I want to board at, just to see how I mesh with the other boarders and owner and all that. That way I wouldn't just be blindly jumping into something that I might not like.

Good news! I got a call from the local tack store and I am now the proud owner of the saddle I had on trial. Of course, it matches absolutely nothing else I own, but eventers aren't supposed to care -that- much. We'll make do for now.


  1. Congrats on the purchase! I think going for a test-lesson is a good idea, maybe even at a few locations if you find a few that might be possibilities. Best to have a plan in place for the time when you can make a move without it being a financial disaster.

  2. Congratulations on the saddle. I agree with Marissa and think that a test lesson is a good idea. When you say no to something that will overload your timetable, you are also doing the asker a favour (though they may not think so at the time), because it gives them the opportunity to ask someone else who can give the task more concentration. Most people are reasonable, and if they know that you are sympathetic to their needs but simply cannot help, they should understand.

  3. Wooohooo! The great George Morris would definitely NOT approve of mis-matched tack, but I don't think The Woff would care at all (as long as it isn't covered in rhinestones, lol). Congrats on the new saddle!

  4. Ah, we make too much fuss about how things look when whether they work or not is the most important thing about them. Three cheers for the saddle!! Save the rest of your money for the important stuff and worry about "matchy, matchy" if and when you have to.

    And learning to say, "No," is an important skill. Trust yourself and you can do it when you need to.

    The test lesson sounds great. Finding the right place to board is a real challenge. Just take your time with what is a big decision for the both of you.


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