Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Chiro Time

Despite my scatterbrained-ness this morning, Izzy was quite sweet. I rode her early, just after both her halfie friends loaded in the trailer and left for a few hours. She whinnied when they left, but she's just not attached enough to care about them when she has a person paying attention to her. As usual (now), I just saddled her up and hopped on in the arena. No lunging. No spooking. No worrying. I really, really love her brain with turnout.

She was good, for the most part. The arena is kind of hard and while she's sound, I don't want to push, so we just did flat work. She's her usual crooked self, pushing into both shoulders, but overall not too bad. She was a little distracted by the horse next door, but I asked her to focus and she did. So far, so good.

Then I got off and realized that I totally forgot my checkbook. I don't want to be one of 'those clients' who doesn't pay in a timely fashion, so I scooted home as fast as I could and got it. (Yay 40 minutes of extra driving). Toni, the chiro was already there when I made it back.

Izzy was her usual dear self. She's apparently really easy to work with because she's always trying to see what you're doing--perfect for getting her to realign her neck and the like. Toni pointed out that even when standing square, Izzy's left hip was low and forward compared to her right. In addition, since she puts her weight on her front left when eating and napping, not only is her front right taller, her shoulder is all out of whack because her shoulder blade is rolled back and down most of the time.

These two issues together make for some serious straightness issues and Toni even thinks that Izzy's right front was bad enough that there may have been some circulation problems which could contribute to her front-end lameness. Interesting. She worked Izzy through all that, and now Izzy is the straightest she's ever been.

In other good news, Izzy's saddle still seems to be working out well and Toni said her back feels great, which means that we don't seem to have any problems there. Also, the second wither rub is coming in black, which I think means I caught it in time so we don't have any follicle damage. I explained to Toni about Izzy's expressiveness as far as saddle fit and pain issues, and she complimented me for paying attention to my horse. Yay! Thanks to all of you for helping me along the way, but especially Jean and Kate who hounded me on certain things that needed hounding.

In yet more good news, my prize in the contest I won showed up yesterday. Thanks to Steph at The Aspiring Equestrian for the Dressage Today issues. She even put a pretty ribbon on them and wrote me a card. I'm having a great time reading through them already.


  1. That all sounds very positive - the turnout alone is making a huge difference, the chiro and saddle should really help as well. You get huge credit for paying attention to the things she was telling you about how she was feeling - there would be more happy horses if owners paid as much attention as you've paid.

  2. I noticed on Steph's blog that you'd won. Perfect person to appreciate those magazines.

    I love working with the chiropractor both on my horse and on me. An adjustment can make SO much difference.

    I'm delighted that Izzy is thriving with the turnout. It seems to be one of the final pieces to her puzzle you've managed to solve.

  3. My horse Rogo is very different when turned out a lot, as he is in summer - maybe a little too laid back at times :), but it's good. The chiropractor sounds amazing. You must be happy that things are going so well.

  4. So glad you are enjoying them!! Glad the chiro visit went so well... I'm thinking of trying out a visit to the chiro for me, once I am off the crutches! I have never gone and I am sure I am all out of whack :)

  5. Hi there! I've just given you a blog award :) Stop by Cedes of Change to pick it up and pass it on :)

  6. Glad to hear u are happy with Chiro. I'm back and forth if I think it's worth the money...I think it is but I see such little improvement in our case that it makes it seem tough to pay out. Hm..I'll keep it up, if u see such improvements w/ Izzy. Glad to hear she in enjoying her turnout..who wouldn't!? :)


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