Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day

I still have absolutely no idea how the blogger picture uploader thing is supposed to work since they changed it. I can't rearrange these in an order that makes sense, so you get them in the magical order the blogger has chosen. Tada!

These are Izzy's black flats, as I call them. They're the resin wraps that are allowing the natural expansion/contraction of her feet while serving to lower her right heel enough to gain contact with the ground. This should help it grow up like her other heels.

Plus, it is pretty cute.

Here's Izzy in the crossties, looking adorable. She does seem to have them figured out after a couple months of using them.

Yesterday was ridiculously cold. It was 25ish outside with strong gusting winds and a dark, cloudy sky. I turned Izzy out for about half and hour while I mixed supplements and talked to another boarder, but the wind was at an angle that changed the indoor into a glorified wind tunnel.


I decided it was not a good riding day, so I put Izzy up and went home to get warm.

Here is the happy pony in the snow. I guess it's like eating grass popsicles!!

Some of the other horses acted cold and didn't want to move, but she was THRILLED to get out and happily munched away. I was worried that she wouldn't adjust well since she's always been blanketed before, but she's totally fine.

Doesn't she look like a tough cowgirl horse?

Except, I guess I'm not a tough cowgirl since I chickened out on riding yesterday. Oh well.

So that was yesterday. Today, I woke up to about 6" of snow (totally unheard of here, especially since the snow from last week isn't gone yet). That was at 6am. It's now almost 11 ans still snowing lots of big, wet, heavy flakes. I have shoveled a ridiculous amount and I'm not really catching up.

Here's the view from my house this morning:

Chaucer, my beloved Beagle, enjoying being warm and inside. He is really not in to this whole "cold weather" thing. Unless, of course, there is a squirrel to chase. Then he's unstoppable for about 5 minutes, which is when he realizes he's cold.

And Lewis, the ever-faithful corgi. He lives being outside. He tends to lay on stuff that he wants to do. If we're getting ready to leave, he lays on our luggage so we can't go without him.

As you see here, he's laying on "outside" clothes.

Silly bugger.


  1. Great pictures. I haven't had a problem with the picture uploader, I just put the cursor down in the spot where I want the picture to go, and then upload it and it shows up there. Wonder why you're having trouble with it? Are you trying to upload them all at once? Maybe your set up is different than mine.

    As always, I love, love, love Chaucer. Perfect beagle face.

  2. It looks plenty cold where you are! Marissa's right - just put the cursor where you want the picture to go before you try to select and upload it.

  3. I hate the blogger picture thing too..ugh. Also, it's freezing here today and I am totally NOT riding tonight either:)

    Those dogs are adorable...and the Corgi is hilarious! Smart little bugger.

  4. Usually, I put the cursor where I want the picture and there it goes. The problem comes when I try to add text and I can't get the cursor where I want it in relation to the picture.

    I'm shivering just thinking of that weather!

  5. Go to 'edit HTML' instead of 'compose' on the screen where you type. You should be able to put text wherever you want, and if you want to move the picture, just copy/paste the code for it.


    Izzy, she's such a good girl. I love seeing them outside all furry like that - McKinna's ears are the cutest things ever this time of year, so fuzzy you have to look hard to find them sometimes!

  6. Bbbbrrrrrrzzzrrrrrrrsss!! Those pics are giving me some serious goodbumps!
    Gawd, I have become such a Miami-wimp. This weekend, the low is supposed to be in the 50s (possibly the 40s, which is CRAZY cold for December down here!!) and I am already considering hauling out my huge, puffy down comforter and seeing if I still have any warm cozy sweaters.
    Hope you guys survive the Big Freeze! :-)

  7. winter sucks. Thank goodness for cute puppies to snuggle with! If only our horse babies could fit in too ;)


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