Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick Pictures

Izzy and I had a lovely dressage ride yesterday. <3>
I will post some, but you must promise not to tell Izzy that she looks a smidgen unattractive in them.

See? Striking white stitching, distinctive browband, cool wide/flat noseband... and her eyes closed and ears going every which way.

This is a little better. Not the cheap tacky reins that I'm probably just going to have to live with for a while. Oh well.

Funny sidenote: The only used or new version of this bridle that was available for sale was in oversize. At 16.0hh, Izzy is not what I'd consider oversize. However, I did lots of measuring and comparing published measurements, and I realized something.

This bridle is almost the perfect size for her. The browband is slightly roomier, but she kind of needed the room. The noseband is just right, the cheek pieces are not bad. The only thing that's long is the noseband hanger. I had to punch some extra holes in it, but the picture looks fine. I was thinking that I'd have to take it in and get straps shortened, but now I think it's fine.

Ok, I'm out. Need to pack and run errands. (PS I went running and to pilates this morning. Win!!)


  1. Izzy looks decidedly unimpressed with the photo session. However, the bridle looks great on her. I really like the browband.

  2. Hahaha, yeah Izzy seems quite underwhelmed. Geez, you would think fancy, expensive new gear for Her Highness would elicit a better response, no? :-)

  3. What a gorgeous bridle. Love the white sticking on black. I'm sure Izzy loves it too :)

  4. That was supposed to be stitching, not sticking :)

  5. I think the bridle looks great on her

  6. This post makes it clear why you deserve the Stylish Blogger award I just sent your way. That bridle is drop-dead gorgeous on Izzy...I'm impressed! Despite the unimpressed look on her face, lol.

    The award's on my most recent post, come on over and get it.

  7. I never get tired of looking at pictures of Izzy. She is so pretty with that beautiful blaze and her dark coat. She really dazzles!


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