Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Western Day-The Schedule Begins

I was not able to see Izzy at all from the 31st through the 2nd, so when I made it out yesterday, I had a good thought: let's call it western day. I mean, she's been cooped up in her stall and run for three whole days, so she's probably going to be pretty batty.

Or so I thought. She met me at the gate, being all sweet and lovely. I took her to the indoor and let her run. Rather, made her run. She was not all that energetic. Then I turned her out. She wandered around a little bit, but anytime I walked by the turnout, she came up and wanted attention. Aww. She missed me. (Or maybe wanted cookies).

Anways. I finally got on her, and she was lovely. Soft, yielding, obedient. It was a great, though easy, ride. We had some lovely job moments and even a decent canter depart. Here's hoping we can keep that attitude for today, when I will compel myself to put breeches on and do a dressage ride. (It's frigid outside).

Wow. I love my pony mare.


  1. Maybe she likes being a Western horse!

  2. Sometimes they appreciate a break as much as we do...even when we feel guilty for being away. :)

  3. What Promise said! I have to tell myself this all the time :)

    McKinna has gotten an extremely light month. Some rides, a lesson or two, but very light work. We're back to serious again with a lesson today and a clinic this weekend, and I just keep telling myself that she always enjoys her breaks and she will come back better than ever.

    It sure seems to be the case with Izzy!

  4. You and Izzy are making super progress. I can still remember when I first started reading your blog and you were having trouble getting her to go at all. All your work is paying off big time!!

  5. Personally I think breeches leave a lot to be desired in the warmth department. I'm pretty sure I'd turn into a popscicle if I rode in them this time of year. I think you're brave for even thinking about putting them on. LOL


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