Monday, January 17, 2011

Wild Pony

I couldn't make it out to the barn on Saturday. It was super foggy and rainy, so I wasn't really upset. Izzy, apparently, was.

When I came out Sunday, no one was using the indoor, so I grabbed Izzy and zipped back over to turn her out. Usually, she has a gallop, a couple bucks, then canters around a little bit. Not so!

She rolled in a deep sandy spot, over and over and over and over. Then, before she was even back on her feet, she launched into a massive series of bucks. She galloped full speed and bucked like crazy for about 5 minutes.

I thought, "Hum, this seems like not a riding day." Did I mention it was still foggy and pouring rain? Yeah. Definition of what a day off should look like. Instead, I took put a lunge line on her halter and we did a little work, just so she would know I still loved her. Then we went back to the barn. She got a thorough grooming and the beginnings of her spring mane pull. Yeah, I know it's not spring yet, but a girl can dream. I did take pictures. Maybe tomorrow I'll even get them off my camera and post them.*


*Camera is at home as is the necessary cable. I am at work. FYI.


  1. Sounds as if not riding was a good plan. Glad you did a little work with her, though. As long as she knows there are times to play and times to pay attention, it's a good day.

    She really needed to get out to let off some steam. Wow!


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