Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Silliest Mare

Izzy was pretty happy to see me yesterday. Aww. She then galloped and bucked like crazy in the indoor. It was pretty muddy and I forgot my mud boots, so instead of a nice dressage ride like I was planning, I just put on the western saddle and went for a ride. We kept it simple: turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, halt, back, and a forward walk. We did a little trotting and jogging, but the lady who turned Izzy out while I was gone was hogging the arena, so there wasn't really enough space to canter. It was ok. We need slower work, too.

As far as turning Izzy out... yeah. Apparently on Saturday, there was ice sliding off the roof and Izzy was high as a kite. Then on Sunday it was too wet to use the turnouts, so she put Izzy in the round pen while she mucked her horse's stall/run. Izzy stuck her head through the panels to get a treat. The lady gave her one, then continued doing her work. 10 minutes later, Izzy was still standing quietly with her head through the fence. The lady had to walk back over, twist Izzy's head slightly, and then tell her to back up. Silly mare thought she was stuck.

I love that she doesn't just panic.

Also, I quite unexpectedly have come across some time to ride this afternoon. Mud boots are in the car and I am so stoked!


  1. Silly Izzy. I can just picture her standing there with her head "stuck." *G*

    Hope you get in a nice ride today. We are suffering another snowstorm.

  2. So I must say, I LOVE the header picture :)


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