Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Stupid Thing

I hurried out to the barn after a busy afternoon, only to realize that my boots, breeches, and coat were all at home. Oh well... I decided to make the best of it. Izzy was pretty quiet, so I groomed her, put the sidepull on, and we headed off to the indoor.

I wanted to ride, but she's overdue to have her feet done and it was like 15f outside. I know, excuses, excuses. Instead, I put her on the lunge line, mostly just walk trot. I wanted her to warm up and move a little. Once she was comfortable both directions, I set out three trot poles and put her over them. She was actually very good. She used to trip on them, but she seemed fine.

In our last jumping lesson (a couple months ago), Stephanie commented that Izzy still isn't 100% on where to put her feet, so I figure that instead of actually jumping a lot in iffy footing in the indoor, we will focus on trot poles and small caveletti. No, that does not mean I counted it as a jumping day.

Today, I have everything in my car and I will be out there this afternoon for a dressage ride.


  1. Been there, done that....but it seems you made the best of the situation and actually got some quality work done with Izzy. Trotting poles and cavaletti on the line are a great tool to teach the horse how to take care of herself. She has do all the figuring herself and learn where to put her feet. Not a wasted day, by any means.

  2. Yeah, totally been there:) Better luck today!


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