Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sickness=General Suck

Yesterday was not the best day ever. I got to go to the girlie doctor (yay!), took my car in to the shop and had it cost significantly more than they said it would (yay!) and was sick all day (yay!). I felt really weak and dizzy, so I almost didn't go out to see Izzy, but it was 50f and sunny. How could I not? I made an executive decision not to ride and intentionally only brought my mud boots so I wouldn't even be tempted. It just would not have been safe.

Instead, we'll update on pictures that I've talked about but not actually shown you.
Here's Izzy's lovely hoof crack.

Of course it's on her special hoof, too. This is actually the much improved version of her special hoof. She used to have no heel at all. Now she just has a heel that needs to come back further and not look super ugly. The good news is that for the first time since I've owner her, Izzy has developed some concavity in the sole of her L front. That means she's starting to use it properly and ever as I write this, her heel is working on coming back.

But wait, there's more!!
Here's Izzy on Sunday. She'd galloped and bucked for so long (crazy thing) that I took her back to the barn and put her cooler on her. At this point, she's enjoying a super yummy treat while I pull her mane.

Note the hair pile on the floor. She was a pretty fuzzy girl. I don't have my own clippers yet, so I trimmed up her bridle path with scissors. It was getting pretty messy.

It is kind of a pain to pull her mane, just because every time she runs out of treats, she twists around on the cross ties to look at me and get in the way until I feed her more of the little yummy things. Once she figures out I'm the treat dispenser, she gives up on actually sucking on her treat for a while (really hilarious, I need to figure out how to do videos), she just keeps wanting one every few minutes.

Smart mare.

Here is her pretty new mare style. It's not done, but it's a heap better than it was when I started. She has a really thick mane that grows pretty well. I couldn't even get the pulling comb through the middle until I separated it into layers and worked one section at a time.

It's not quite short enough and not perfectly even, but I think it's ok for January with no scheduled lessons. Plus, doesn't she have a nice forelock?

(Ha! Check out the dirt on her left ear. Mareface had a lovely roll in the indoor before I took these pictures.)

Izzy and I do a myspace picture. Note how she's giving me the, "Really? Do we really have to do this? Don't you know myspace is so 2005? It's a new decade now," look. Yep, my mare is up on social media. (Don't tell her that I've never gotten beyond facebook.)

It looks pretty outside and I only sort of feel sick, so hopefully we can have a decent ride today. I miss riding.


  1. Not riding when you are sick is very smart. I try to do that too but don't always succeed but I am good about it if I feel at all dizzy at least.

    I didn't know there was something beyond FB. Don't tell me that, I'm having enough trouble with FaceBook as it is. LOL

    BTW her new "do" looks perfectly charming and I'd love to see a treat sucking video. LOL

  2. Lol, I don't even have Facebook. I refuse to be a sheep (although they are quite cute)!

    And, eeeeek, that is one seriously under-run heel! But it sounds like it's getting better and your farrier is working on it, so I'll allow myself a sigh of relief. And once her hoof is properly shaped with the weight distributed where it should be, she shouldn't get any more cracks. (Have you tried Keratex hoof Hardener in the meantime? Not sure if I've mentioned it, but it's great stuff.)

    Hope ya feel better soon!

  3. Izzy is a adorable. I can imagine the treat sucking too, as well as a bribing needed to get that mane done.

    Smart not to ride when you're not feeling well. It rarely pays off later on, even if you feel OK when you are in the saddle.

  4. Hope you get better soon...

    I gave you a blogger award so to get it go to my blog at www.justagirlandherhorse.blogspot.com

  5. I rode when I was sick, and well, 2 months later I am STILL sick. You are smart


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