Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Riding

Can I just say that I am really, really happy that I am lucky enough to be able to ride during the day on weekdays? For some reason, all the nice people who board at my barn have decided to start riding in the middle of the winter, which causes some serious arena congestion, especially since we're all stuck in the indoor which is not very big.

Sigh. I am lucky to have an indoor, but I am looking forward to everyone but me being back at work today. (Well, I'm at work, but I only work part time.)

Anyways. I did a dressage ride on Izzy on Saturday. She was pretty good--much more forward but still reasonable. With my improved position and posture, I've been able to make a lot of progress with her head-throwing transitions. Basically, instead of her getting to the trot and then having to do a full transition down, I'm able to stop the transition with my seat and only allow good transitions.

In fact, by the end of our session, her transitions were pretty darn good. I hopped off, took her back to the barn, and then got back on, since one of our boarder friends asked if we wanted to go on a trail ride. We haven't been in a long time, since the people who usually go are downright scary riders and I refuse to expose Izzy to their nutty antics in wide open spaces. This lady is a pretty good rider on a really solid horse, and I was thrilled to go along. Izzy was pretty looky, but didn't really spook at anything. Win!

Sunday I declared was western day. However, as soon as I got Izzy ready to go, two more people came in to ride in the indoor. One (scary rider) was trotting and galloping his footsore horse around the rail, mostly, while the other walked and halted in odd patterns. Neither one had much control. Then another lady (our trail riding friend) came in and started working her horse. Two more people were tacking up in the aisle. I just got off. Izzy was not thrilled about all the other horses and while it's good for her to get used to that, it's not good for her to be put in a potentially dangerous situation. Seriously, I'm waiting for the footsore horse to just pile his rider off. It's going to happen and probably pretty soon. The last thing we need is that horse galloping loose in an already overcrowded arena.

Anyways, our trail riding friend rode up to me and said that she was going out on the ditchbank in about two minutes. I got back on and rode out with her and another lady who is also a safe rider. At one point, we came down off the ditchbank and had to go down an abrupt slope through belly-high weeds to get into the hayfield. The first lady lead--her horse was great. The second lady went through--her horse spooked at the weeds, leaped, bolted forward, then slammed on the brakes. The lady rode it well and we all had a laugh. I put Izzy through. I kept the reins loose so she could use her head, but I had both hands on them in case she tried anything. Izzy stepped into the weeds, then just opened her mouth and started eating them. After all, they were right there.

Funny mare! She was great. I'm so glad I have her.


  1. Sounds like despite the circumstances you got in some nice ride time. Hahaha Izzy is my kind of girl, how can you spook when there is food present :)

  2. Glad you managed to fit on some riding! Your situation totally reminds of the barn that we used to board at a couple years ago. Small indoor and at times over crowded and sometimes SCARY riders. I agree with you putting yourself into a potentially dangerous situation is just not a good idea. I do envy you some nice trail rides! SO great that you have a couple good trail buddies and that Izzy is such a good horse!

  3. What a fun couple of rides! I think you're right to trust your gut around certain horses and riders too-it's saved my butt once already this year:)

  4. It's amazing what a correct position can accomplish. Good for you.

    The trail riding sounds fun while the arena sounds scary. That's too bad.

    It's good that Izzy could follow the spooky horse and be so quiet. Very cool.

  5. Glad you got out to ride. Some of the best training takes place out of the arena anyhow.

    Have to laugh at Izzy and the weeds. That's about as far from a spook as you can get! *lol*

  6. Don't ya just hate Scary Riders? Even though we don't have "trails" down here, there is a trail-riding association that rides down roads, through groves, etc. I would love to go with them, except word on the street is they are crazy, dangerous, kamikazee riders hell-bent on getting themselves and others severely injured and/or killed. No, thanks!
    How nice that you've found some safe, sane trail buddies to keep you and Izzy company. They're worth their weight in gold! Wanna lend them to me sometime? ;-)


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