Sunday, January 2, 2011


I haven't seen Izzy in two days. :-( It's been ridiculously cold and windy and I had people over, so it didn't work out, and I wasn't too worried about it.

Anyways. I've noticed that some bloggers (Pia's Parade and Eventing-a-Gogo come to mind) set monthly goals, then evaluate their progress on a month-by-month basis. I like that. Also, I think that by incorporating a little more structure into both blogging and riding, I'll be more able to track our progress and spend less time feeling like we aren't getting anywhere.

So. Goals.

I want to have big goals to achieve over the course of the year. In order to do that, I'm going to make bite-size goals for each month. I haven't totally hashed it out yet, but I think my overall goals are going to be something like this:

1) Ride in a schooling dressage show at training level and do two tests that I'm comfortable with. (I would like to say score 60%, but I can't control the judge's scoring).

2) Ride in at least one event derby at intro beginner novice and finish the course.

3) Ride in the Karen O'Connor clinic in August and not completely embarrass myself or my horse. (This one depends a lot on money, so we'll see how it goes.)

4) Continue our western training and ride Izzy in at least one western show, probably in a novice pleasure class. (More on this later).

I think those are reasonable goals. I've tried not to set them too high because I need wiggle room in case I end up unemployed or something again. Basically, I want to get Izzy and myself out there doing eventer-type stuff. I either need to get it done or quit telling people we're eventers. Plus, I love it.

In pursuit of those goals, my goals for the month of January are as follows:

1) Ride at least four days a week, even if it's cold. Do two days of dressage, one day jumping/cavaletti, and one day western. Any extra days can be used for whatever. (Hacking and trot/canter sets will commence when the weather is better and the track isn't covered in ice. Probably late Feb/Early March).

2) Focus on dressage--specifically lengthen/shortens for Izzy and position for me. I tend to collapse my shoulders forward and lose my seat. Focus on sitting up, driving with my seat, and looking where I'm going.

3) Trot/canter transitions. Work on timing, accuracy, and riding both gaits well.

I think that's enough goals for now. I'll update them as needed and we'll see how January goes.


  1. I agree that goals are a good idea. I wrote them once, and Denali fell apart.

    goal fail

    Only goal=keep horse alive. ;0)

    Also, I now have three tack stores on my list. 2 English and 1 Western (Maybe 2, I haven't been to the other one) and one trip to see the one and only Denali Slew. ;0)

  2. Have to laugh a bit here. Was just over at Shannon's blog on "A Work in Progress" and completely contradicted your ideas here.

    BUT!! All that being said, not everyone follows the same road. Your list of goals and expectations is excellent and suits you and your horse perfectly.

    A word though, about the clinics and "embarrassing yourself." A good clinician--and I am positive Karen O'Connor is one--will never make you feel embarrassed by any kind flaw in your training or skill. Her job is to evaluate the horse and rider she meets on that day and to find a way to improve the training/issues she sees.

    If you can get that money together to go, I have a feeling it will be one of the best experiences you and Izzy have ever had!!

  3. I love the goal idea. Having it written down (here) will be great so you can look back on it. I think they are very reasonable goals to, go for it!!! I may put some goals up for my horses on the blog.

  4. Your goals are very focused and very noble! Karen O'Connor clinic--good for you! I'm sure it will be challenging and rewarding.

  5. Great goals! I think goals are a great way to not only keep you focused but in times of discouragement you can always look back at your goals and realize you are making progress. I think the most important thing for those of us that are doing this thing we love is that along the way goals or not that we enjoy it and have fun!


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