Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Schedule

In light of the fact that it is now 95f outside, I'm switching to riding in the am. Thus, I have two training days to recap.

Yesterday: I lunged Izzy over the barrels again. Just to be clear, we started with ground poles and worked up quickly. She was great. Then, (gasp!) I got on to ride over them. It was super hot, so I wasn't wearing my lovely full seat breeches and I felt nervous and a little loose. Hm... not a great start. We trotted in right and she popped over. Good. We trotted in left and she tried to spin out. And again. And again. "Huh," I said to myself, "This is not working at all."

Instead of dismounting (easy) or quitting (bad), I did what I've seen Stephanie do so very many times when a horse is sticky--go for a gallop. Then stop. The point is to get the horse out in front of your leg, then test out the brakes, then just go for it.

And we did. Winning!

Today was a dressage ride. In view of our upcoming lesson (to which we even have a trailer ride now), I worked mostly on going forward, lengthening and shortening, and moving off my legs.

It's so hot... hope it cools off for Saturday.


  1. Great job!! You're doing so well training that pretty mare of yours. It's a pleasure to read your progress:)

  2. I like riding in the AM better, no matter what time of year it is. Maybe that's just the race track part of me? As far as going out for the gallop for the result of getting your horse to go forward, good for you! So many people hold back on this, but it's such a simple and obvious way of saying GO!
    Glad you are doing well!

  3. Well done!

    Now, make sure you get pics of that lesson! ;-) Or else there will be mutiny.

  4. Well done, and quite brave. I'm pretty sure Izzy tried to get out of the jump because she felt you were unsure. Once you gritted your teeth and added that determination to your ride, she was just fine. Once you build your own confidence with the jumping, I bet Izzy will really be a bold girl.

  5. Frizz--I am tracking down photographers and alternates. THERE WILL BE PICTURES!!!


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