Monday, June 6, 2011

Whoring for a Good Cause

Ahem. I'm sure all my regular readers are familiar with a certain affliction I have.

Tack whoring.

Yes. I love tack. Not just any old thing, but nice, high quality, pretty stuff that is clean and soft and functional. As of my last count, Izzy, my easy going, non-picky mare, had five bridles. She has a jump bridle, dressage bridle, micklem bridle, western bridle, and side pull.

Now, she also has a beautiful figure-8 bridle coming in the mail.

(Note: this is a customer image from the facebook page, not official company photography.)

It's made by Five Star Tack, who also made Izzy's dressage bridle. They're a really cool company. It's small, the owner/designed also answers calls and emails and is a pretty awesome person. (Hi Jamie!! You rock!)

Aside from having lots of really cool stuff, they're actively engaged in giving back, both to communities and people. You can read more about it on their eventing site, which you can also order direct from.

This month, they are donating 10% of all sales to Boyd Martin and the True Prospect Farm survivors. Oh, plus they are having a sale--anything ordered through the website is 25% off. If you have any questions, or want to order through the dealer site, contact them through facebook or by email and they'll take care of it for you.

I'll definitely review this bridle when I get it. I'm also planning on doing a series of posts, reviewing the abundant amounts of tack that I have for further dissemination on the internet. I mean, I go through so much stuff, someone other than me wight as well benefit from all this.

(Guess who has a dressage lesson today???)


  1. Haha, yay! It looks like a lovely bridle, I wish I could justify buying one more. Looking forward to the reviews :) I think Jetta has four bridles right now and that doesn't include my other western bridles that I use on Jazz...

  2. Oh my gosh...that chocolate and blue breastplate is to DIE for! I want one!

  3. The title of this post made me laugh out loud! So funny. It is a good cause, and a beautiful bridle!

  4. Oooooooooo! LOVE Five Star Tack! That bridle is yummy-looking! I wish I wasn't flat broke or I would definitely buy something (for my can't-be-ridden-right-now horse, lol). I donated a small amount of $$$ directly to the Team Boyd fund (through EN), but I wish I could contribute more (especially if it involves buying pretty tack!).

  5. woooot tack whoring..(dont tell my BF how much I spend on ebay :P)

  6. Lovely bridle and a worthy cause. So sad about the fire, but the horse community has come together to try to mend some of the broken hearts. Five Star Tack is one of many who deserve special thanks.


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