Thursday, June 30, 2011

Needing Ideas

Since I have joined the ranks of the injured reserve, I'm looking for things to do. The catch? I have to be able to do them one-handed. Last night, I trieed to hold a bridle in my left hand. My elbow immediately started hurting and rapidly progressed to agonizing pain in less than 10 seconds.

So... Tack cleaning is out. Not that I could undo buckles right now anyways.

I did managed to put Izzy's halter on by myself, but it was more a comedy production than a useful, functional skill. I can't open the gate alone, can't pick out her hooves... hm.

I did manage to turn her out in the round pen, which was kind of fun. Izzy the Blimp didn't really want to do any work. She barely moved along, casting wistful glances back at the lush grass in her pasture. Poor thing.

So... what can you do with one hand? Anyone interested in having a video contest to see who can do the coolest thing one handed? This could be fun.


  1. Did you check out my blog for what I was doing one handed?

    Here is an idea. When I go to clinics or set up just a really cool ring exercise, I write it down so I have it for future reference, either for myself or for a lesson. When I had some downtime last year from a different injury I took the time to draw them out nice, put them in a binder and now they are here when I need them. hmm... clean your room???

  2. Grooming/massaging/giving scratches with the one good hand - that's what I'm doing right now.

  3. Grab a good book and a cold beverage and park yourself in a chair outside Izzy's pasture, and admire your mare :)

  4. You only need one hand to concole yourself with alcohol and/or chocolate! ;-)

  5. H-m-m-m....trying to remember what I did when I broke my left wrist. I did actually lunge and long line my horse, but he was really, really good on the lines to start off with. And, with the cast, I kind of could use my left hand to prop things into place.

    Gotta think on this one a bit.

  6. Just want to point out that I spelled my own name wrong in my comment above. Sigh. One of those days.

  7. I like Marissa and Frizzle's idea :) Grooming's a good idea too though.


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