Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prognosis: Boring

I've apparently cracked the small radial head of my left arm. That's the top of the little bone that controls side to side motion for those of you like myself who don't know all the bones in your body by name.

It's painful and must be carefully managed, but doesn't require surgery or a cast.

Sooo... for the next two weeks, I cannot ride, run, drive my car*, do pilates, walk my dogs, clean stalls, or do any form of heavy lifting.

I know. I just summarized my life and all of it is off the table. In two weeks, they'll take more xrays and hopefully I can slowly start doing more interesting stuff.

*I can drive cars. I just can't drive my car because it's a standard and that requires both arms.

I mean, I can't even open the gate to Izzy's field by myself. LAME.


  1. Oh boourns! That sucks big time; hope you heal quickly and find someone to open those gates! Or teach the Wondermare to do it for you!

  2. Or teach Izzy to drive your car????

  3. Oh my! Glad you don't need a cast or surgery, but still it's a bummer. Hopefully you will heal quickly and be back to all those fun things in no time.

  4. So happy to hear it isn't something that requires a horrible cast! 2 weeks will blow by in no time, don't you worry. Try to catch up on some reading, watch some riding DVDs or something. I'm sure there is something you can do. If I can find something to do around the house with a broken neck, I'm sure you can find something :)

    And listen to your doctor!!!!

  5. Ugh! This falls under the category of HUGE BUMMER!!! So sorry to hear this. But hopefully 2 weeks will go by in a flash? Fingers crossed for you. Will try to post some good stuff on my blog for the next two weeks to keep you entertained....

  6. Bummer -- welcome to the injured reserve club...it sucks and it's boring here. It could be worse, I've been informed that Solo should be back in the game by September but we might not be up to Training Level height by then. Sigh. And I've still got another month in the knee brace before there is a possibility of getting the leg cleared for full work. At least you had the good sense to only break one bone at a time!

    Oh, and good job on the XC! Just learn to let go of the reins and trust your poneh -- I know I'm making me a neck strap when we come back this fall, wanna be in the neck strap club? I promise it's more fun than the I Hurt Myself club.

  7. Heeeeey, my fellow stick-shifter! We are a dying breed, lol. LOVE me a stick shift!
    As for not knowing bones -- um, yeah, I still forget which one I broke. I just say it's the something-ibia in my leg, so that narrows it down a bit.
    So glad you'll only be sideline for two weeks! That's really not too bad, although it's still totally NOT awesome. Catch up on some reading, watch a few DVDs, etc. and just take it easy. Milk it for all it's worth! ;-)

  8. Oh, crapola. So sorry! Mend quick.

  9. That sucks but two weeks really isn't that long. It'll be over before you know it. At least you have an interesting story about how you did it. Some people have super boring stories like tripping over a rock or something.


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