Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back at It

Uh huh. Dressage saddle, stirrups removed.

Oh, and I did pilates this morning. Every muscle in my body will probably have a say in my activities tomorrow, if you know what I mean.

We had a good ride overall--I worked a lot on changing bend and lateral-ish motions. We'd go down centerline, leg yield left, straighten, leg yield right, then turn left, shoulder in left, should in right for a counter bend around the corner.

The idea was to keep Izzy active and engaged while forward and soft in the bridle. It mostly worked.
Izzy wasn't terribly enthused.

Overall, I was pleased with how we did. I'm starting to be able to sit a slightly bigger trot, and I'm definitely reaching my leg down longer than before. I can now post three whole circuits of the arena, too.


  1. Good work and some nice exercises.

    I do agree, though, Izzy does not look too impressed. *LOL*

  2. That's great! Trotting around the arena is not the most interesting of exercises, but it's great for fitness and stamina. And you're riding again, woot!

  3. Awesome for u! :) Pilates rocks and those that think it's easy (like my husband) try it-such a great workout.


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