Saturday, August 20, 2011


Ask me how my ride was this morning.


I put the stirrups back on my dressage saddle so we could work on going forward while staying laterally supple. I know it's partly because I'm riding better (longer leg, better posture, clearer aids) from all our no stirrup work, but Izzy was just ON today. I had to keep my core engaged or should would have just blasted out from under me. Walk--soft, forward, flexible. Trot-balanced, supple, engaged. Canter-forward, free, cadenced. There was no bracing, no head flipping, no running on the forehand.

I like to think that part of it was how she was dressed.

She's sporting a brand new pink halter, fancy black rope, and we're back in the Eskadron climatex wraps, which I will have to write a review for.

I'm not sure what changed (other than me), but I like it.

After our wonderful ride, I fed her cookies. I mean, who can resist that face? Then I pulled her mane. It was overdue in June, but I wanted a lot to hang on to for XC, which was a good idea, but didn't help much. Then I couldn't pull it, then I didn't see the point since we weren't going anywhere.

However... the new nylon halter and the mane pull are building up to something. There may or my not be a pony picture extravaganza tomorrow.

PS Izzy was in fact SO GOOD that three ladies at the barn actually stopped me to tell me how brilliant she/we looked. I'm so proud.


  1. Another great post from happy you! How nice to hear that Izzy went really well. She must have felt incredible!

  2. Clothes do make the girl! Sounds like a great day.

  3. OMG So jealous, I want the eskadron wraps mighty bad...
    As for everything else? YAAAAAAY! :)

  4. That may be the perfect color for her. Congrats on another wonderful ride!

  5. I love that feeling when everything just comes together. It rocks. Way to go :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome ride :) It's these rides when everything comes together that makes it all worth it.
    Izzy looks great in the new halter. It's so cool!

  7. Wonderful! Practice makes perfect :) Go you! I miss having a mare I can dress up in pink!

  8. What a gratifying weekend! It's nice when hard work pays off. :)

  9. Such a great feeling when everything is just PERFECT.

  10. I just love rides like that! Makes everything so worth it! What a great post. She does look lovely in her outfit, btw.

  11. So glad to hear it went so well :)


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