Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Long Term Goals

Izzy's having another day off, so I have some time to reflect.

While conversing with fellow eventing blogger Nanakorobi Yaoki the other day, she spelled out for me in one sentence what her equine competition goals were: training 3 day. I was impressed. Not just because of the goal, which is admirable, but because of her focus. She knew where she was going and her training is to that end.

I have long term goals. Really, I do. It's just that they aren't that clear and concise. Here is my current list of long term goals:

1) Ride 4th level dressage (probably schooling at home)

2) Earn USDF Bronze Medal (obv, at recognized show)

3) Complete endurance ride--probably 30 mile range. Don't need to be competitive, do want to finish.

While talking with yet another friend (Ellie from Cedes of Change), I realized how odd it was that despite my usual claim to be an eventer, I had no eventing goals. Not even any jumping goals. It's not because I'm scared--prior to my accident, I was actually feeling really confident jumping in the arena. I can sit here and visual approaching the jump I came off after on XC and not feel the tiniest nerve.

Huh. I guess this calls for revising my goals. I'm adding:

4) Be competitive at the local level in 3' jumper classes.

These are all long term goals. The dressage is maybe a decade out, since I can't have concentrated lessons. The jumping we're actually closest to. As for the endurance goal, well, I'll have to ask Dom how long that would take.

Can't you just see her as a brave endurance horse?


  1. Heh heh, for Solo? LONG FORMAT THREE DAY! I just wanted to say it. Again.

  2. Heh -- I had no idea that would spark any kind of though or introspection! Should I apologize? But yes, the long format three-day is my goal. It's several, maybe many, years out, but I want to get there! Fitness, practice, exposure, qualifying rides ... yeah. All that stuff. :)

    And you could definitely be competitive at 3' around here, for sure! I too find it funny that there are no eventing goals, but then again, Izzy is one of those very multipurpose horses. Go for it!!

  3. Do whatever is fun for you both. There is no point in having a horse if you don't enjoy the experience.

    3 feet is a nice height to aspire to in your jumping, and 4th level is well within your grasp. And if you do 4th level, then Prix St. George is no big deal, so you can say you've ridden FEI too!

    Sounds like some perfectly reasonable goals to me. And from talking to my endurance friends, that would be another nice challenge. Lots or work to get your horse fit, but fitness is always a plus.

  4. They sound like great goals. Good luck achieving them all.

  5. I was surprised to see no jumping goals either. Glad you threw one in there. Just curious why there are no actual event goals in there? Is it just not available in your area?

    I think you have inspired me to go write down my own!

  6. Amy--The only eventing competitions in our area are little derbies, which are ok, but not the real thing. I think I'll hammer out a solid event goal eventually, but I guess I don't have enough of a grasp on Izzy's and my abilities yet to set something solid.


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