Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Exciting Idea

Izzy and I had a fabulous(!!!) jump ride this morning, but that's not actually what I'm here to talk about. Instead, we're talking barns and trainers.

Specifically, my eventing trainer who I LOVE, is actually spending the winter in my town, instead of her home base which is two hours away or her usual winter in sunny AZ. I am beyond excited about this and was hoping to get in on some lessons and make serious progress with Izzy.

Then I found out that she's actually going to base her operations out of a barn on the opposite side of the valley from me, which is fine if we're just finagling a trailer ride once or twice a month. However...

I saw this as a golden opportunity. Her working students are back in school and most of her clientele have actual jobs. That means... hm... she might need help around the barn, which would be a fabulous learning opportunity for the quasi-employed me. I emailed about it (since I deal better with text rejection instead of verbal), and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I get to be her stall cleaner! Ok, officially, she said she would have room for someone with my talents, I believe.

Problem: Izzy is on the opposite side of the valley.

Sooo. Either I move her to the trainer's base barn for 6 months, which is about $100/month more or I leave her there and do with her what I can.

Pros to moving:
Trainer on site
Lessons on site
Conditioning on site
Learning oodles

Cons to moving:
We LOOOVE our current barn

Obviously, this is all still up in the air. If I'm going to be at trainer's barn 1x a week, there is zero reason to move Izzy and pay extra. If I'm going to be there 5x a week, it would be stupid not to move her for the time being. Those details will have to be worked out...

Big decisions. It's insane to leave a barn we're completely happy at, but it's also insane to pass up a chance like this. Wish us luck (and money!)


  1. it's half the year right? and only for this 6 months, not for next year? hey, it's 6 months, DO IT, LEARN!!!!!!!! These lessons you will have on your hrose, and watch with other riders with be SO worth it.

  2. As long as you can return to your current place after the 6 months is over, then move! Enjoy the time at the new farm, consider it an adventure (like going off to school). Sounds like so much fun!

  3. 1) will you be able to return after the time? That may be the most important thing. Especially if trainer has horses for you to exercise... Still getting instruction without Izzie losing the long term benefit of a great, affordable place.
    2) how much does it cost you to trailer her over for lessons? How many do you realistically think you'd do? Does that equal out to the increase in board if you moved her?
    3) gas money... how big is your valley? ;-) One or two days a week of longer hours might be preferable to more trips (guzzle guzzle guzzle).

    Sounds like a good opportunity, whichever way you decide to do the Izzie boarding portion.

  4. VERY exciting! :) If you can go back to your barn after the winter, I say go for it. There is nothing like having a consistent lesson program and having daily exposure to your teacher. Watching other lessons, just talking to her, et cetera, are huge benefits.

    If you can swing it at all, definitely do it.

  5. Great opportunity. Hope you can work it out so everyone benefits.

    And Happy Belated Birthday.

  6. How exciting!! I can't wait to hear more details!!


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