Friday, August 19, 2011

New Kind of Pain

I spent yesterday afternoon looking at pictures of Izzy and I this summer, and I all I could think was, "We look good. I want to jump again."

Besides, one of my goals this month is to spend time in two point, so I broke out the jump tack this morning. Needless to say, Izzy looked fab. Surprisingly, her girth still fit. It's a 48", which is fine when she's in shape, but as you can see, well...

We have tummy. Plenty of it.

Anyways. We went w/t/c, focusing on staying forward and happy on a loose rein. Oh, and on my screaming legs.


So when I hold two point for a while, everything in my lower legs starts hurting and stretching. My right ankle feels like it might just give up. Is this normal? Any thoughts, you people who do this a lot?

Good news was, my butt felt right at home in the saddle. I was worried I'd feel cramped and off balance, but I never did.

Izzy's cute face.

We didn't actually jump at all, but we did work on me holding my position through a series of trot poles, which she seemed to like. Poor thing was probably getting bored of dressage and western.

I probably can't even explain in words how much I love my horse. I spent most all of my childhood wanting a horse of any kind, and when I finally got one, she's just the sweetest, smartest, kindest horse I could imagine. It's an incredible feeling, to rely on each other and know that no one is going to take her away. :-) I know this isn't new information for probably any of you, but every once in a while it just hits me how happy I am with my girl.

Best pony ever.


  1. I also find 2-point painful - especially since I really haven't practiced it much in several years. haha. So yeah, you're normal. :)

  2. Ha, I find sitting up painful since most of the time I'm galloping. Anyway, unless you have an ankle injury, I don't know why it hurt w/o your irons. Only thing I can thing of is your are too stiff with your lower legs, and you were cramping, which makes sence, because thats whay people do when the irons are taken away.

  3. I guess I should have clarified--no way I am fit enough to do much/any two point without irons. My feet were firmly in the stirrups.

  4. I can see your smile glowing all the way to New Jersey...where we need some sunny respite from the rain....

    Haven't done two point in so long, I can't remember how it feels. And when I did practice w/o stirrups I was already pretty fit, so most of the time I didn't suffer too much as I recall.

    But so glad to hear that your seat is feeling secure in the saddle. Well done indeed.

  5. If you haven't spent much time in two point and you find your legs simultaneously burning and melting, then yes, you are doing it right, LOL! It's a whole new set of muscles. Crank those stirrups up and lock your legs in place!

  6. Haha, that reminds me... That's what I should be doing right now! And my Jazzy-girl has got Izzy beat on the hay belly. I wouldn't be surprised if someone asked me if she was pregnant!

  7. We need to get you over to Gary. :) Not having seen you in two-point lately, I'll say two things:

    1. Make sure your butt is far enough behind you and your leg is under your hip. The correct place for your butt most likely feels awkward and a little Stimpy-ish, but try it. Think about your body in blocks, I think the way GM draws it? Or maybe Sallie Swift in Centered Riding? Either way, think about it in terms of physics and balance, and remember that your hips should be flexing along with your ankles and knees.

    2. These!,7734.html They're awesome for this kind of thing -- keep your foot steady and give you a stronger base. *enable* *enable*

  8. Also -- I know what you mean. I sometimes look down at Rev's ears and think "holy crap, I'm riding my OWN HORSE! SQUEEE!" :) Still.

    Also also, Adam's has some incredible closeouts right now. I would so be shopping if I had money!

  9. I know how you feel. I feel so in love w/ my horse that I NEVER want to ride anything else which isn't all that good either lol! But, happiness is so much more intense when riding YOUR pony.


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