Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Setback

Pony Mare got her hooves trimmed yesterday. She's looking pretty darn good, but I didn't think to take pictures.

Only problem is that her pasture was just irrigated, so her hooves are super soft and now she's super sore. Since she tends towards the dramatic anyways, there was no way riding was going to happen, soft sand or not.

Instead she got a thorough grooming and my riding muscles got the day off.

In the mean time, check out my awesome new header. Thanks to blog reader Megan for making it!


  1. Love the new header!

    so your horse is dramatic when it comes to hooves, too?

    good to know mine isn't the only one..

  2. So many people think keeping the hooves moist is important. Actually, dry hooves are better. Perhaps some help now and again to keep them from cracking, but desert horses tend to have super feet.

  3. Gabriella--she is dramatic when it comes to anything pain related. Sounds like she has a twin?

  4. Why does having her pasture irrigated make her sore? I puzzle! Just moisture? Or just drama? Reveille doesn't get too upset about feet trimming or wet ground, but then again, she's about as low drama as they come. :)

    Good soundness thoughts for pony mare!

  5. Yuck! :-/
    Go get some Keratex Hoof Gel! Seriously. It rains pretty much every day for six months of the year here in Miami. I have learned to keep Keratex in stock -- it is the BEST at maintaining the proper moisture level in the hooves and protecting them from excess moisture/mud/urine, etc. It ROCKS!!


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