Monday, August 1, 2011

August Goals!!

Goal evaluation for July:

1) Get a bottle of fly spray and teach Izzy to stand while I apply it.
Success!! Copious amounts of cookies convinced Izzy that fly spray is a fine institution.

2) Recruit friends and use round pen as needed to lunge Izzy four times a week. Work on going forward, transitions, and transitions within gaits.
Success!! Ms. Mare has been working, albeit not very hard.

3) Stay in motion. I can't ride or run, but I can do some pilates stuff, walk, and..l. I don't know. Something. Try not to become a fat blob during this setback.
Success!! I think I actually shrunk my massive herculean calves just a teeny tiny bit and I am actually slightly more fit than before.

Despite all that wonderful success, our goals for the month were pretty darn low. I mean, we achieved everything, but... you know... it didn't take much. August goals are tricky, because in theory, I actually get to start riding in 5 WHOLE DAYS!!!!

However. That is dependent on me doing nothing stupid for five days and the doctor signing off on it. (For those of you who don't believe in following doctor's orders: it's not my favorite thing, either, but he threatened me with surgery and anesthesia and wires and mouth-tied-shut and MONTHS of not riding. Then my husband got on board, so in order to preserve their support, I have to follow the rules.)

I'm going to set goals assuming that I can begin riding on August 6th, and if anything changes, I guess I'll have to revise later.

August Goals:
1) Continue lunging/ground driving Izzy to confirm her ground manners, as per current work.

2) Begin riding. 50-70% of undersaddle time done without stirrups. Use full seat breeches and dressage saddle.

3) Stirrups on jump saddle and lots of two point in all three gaits. Might trot over poles, but no jumping until September.

I'd like to keep getting out of the arena, but #1 priority is going to be not reinjuring anything for the time being. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Yes, for now, finish healing and take care not to reinjure anything in your enthusiasm.

    Working on your seat and stability in the jumping position can be nothing but good for a while. Then when you do get back to the fences, you will have established a really good base.

  2. I hope your healing goes well and you can accomplish all of your August goals! I should really practice my no stirrups, but I'm too wimpy!

  3. I remember when I broke my arm I was back riding my horse the next day. :) Hope you arm gets better really quickly....
    Good luck achieving your goals.

  4. Ha, Megan... I hear you. That was my excuse, too. Then I fell off because my legs suck.

    In the interest of not breaking anything else, I'm going to do it.

  5. Those sound like very good goals to shoot for, but of course, take it easy, so you heal up strong.


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