Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Off

Due to Izzy working harder than she had in probably 9 weeks at our jumping lesson, I gave her Saturday and Sunday off.

It was too nice of weather to not do any pony stuff, though, so I went and watched Nanakorobi Yaoki's lesson.

Yeah, for having a cheapie camera, I'd say I take pretty nice pictures.

Also... I may be about 8 inches taller than her, but look how long her leg is relative to mine. Sad when the universe is this unfair.


Anyways, post lesson, we did pony baths. We got the mares show clean, if not quite George Morris clean. No worries--both of us are way too fat and poor to ride with GM ever anyways.

Shiny clean bay mare.

Then it was poor Ms. Izzy's turn. She hates water and baths of all varieties, so she was a little more challenging to deal with. Fortunately for her, it was roughly 1,000,000,000 degrees f outside, so the cold water didn't feel -that- bad.

Look how shiny!! She's still my fatty mare, but we're working on it.

Speaking of--Saturday was my birthday and Izzy had the day off. Instead of riding, I went for a six mile run with the fuzzies. Yes. Six. That means I actually can run my goal distance for this year, which is 10k. Now I just want to do it faster and more often.

We're so cute...

Poor mare has no idea that Jimmy's Wofford's gymnastics book is on it's way in the mail. Soon I will jump her legs off again.


  1. Wow, Izzy looks SO pretty! Haha, love the ominous coming of "the book".

  2. Woah she look gorgeous all cleaned up!!! And yes you too are quite cute. Awesome on the 6 miles!! I ran a half mile the other day and it about killed


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