Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drivin' a Truck

Wondermare is out with a minor issue, so I got to spend my time this morning driving (and backing) the big rig around the barn parking lot. It probably doesn't sound all that exciting to non-horse women, but OMG BIG HONKING DIESEL TRUCK AND 4 HORSE GN LQ TRAILER!!!

We're taking multiple road trips in the near future and Stephanie thinks that I should be able to drive (and back) the rig.

She had a lesson to teach, so we hooked up the trailer and I got to go nuts. I'm so glad that most of you understand how exciting this is. It means that 1) I am being entrusted with something important and 2) I am actually useful and 3) I got to play with a giant truck.

I'm a reasonably intelligent person, but I really don't learn with people yelling at me. To just have a half hour to drive in tiny circles to learn about the turning radius and back up and pull forward and spend some time with the trailer was immensely helpful. I'll keep processing the information I gleaned to day, and hopefully will be even better next time I get behind the wheel.

Oh, and that will be soon. The current plan is for me to drive the truck every other day. It went kind of like this:

Steph: "I think you need to learn to drive the truck."
Me: "Awesome. I'd love to."
Steph: "My plan is for you to just work for me full time and make lots of money."
Me: "But you don't make lots of money, so it'd be impossible for you to pay me lots of money."
Steph: "But I make more money teaching than I do hauling, so if you learn to do the hauling then I can teach more and we both make more."
Me: "Let's do it."


  1. Cool. I only drove a big trailer once and it had one flat tire. So we put the horses on another rig and I drove the broken one home. A bit intimidating at the time. But what a feeling!!

  2. Just have to make wider turns, that's all ;)

    People at work always have some sort of comment about my diesel beast. It doesn't seem that big to me after you drive it all the time. I guess kinda how Klein doesn't seem that big to me and other people are like HOLY SHIT! YOUR HORSE IS HUGE! I'm like "Oh she's not that big!" LOL

    Did you see my FB pic yesterday of the aholes that parked behind and in front of my truck and trailer yesterday? There's a lesson for you, always park at an angle when you have to park like that hahaha

  3. Nice. I want that job. And access to a cool rig. :D

  4. Yeah I want that job too! Lol, driving big trucks is SO much fun. I totally get it. Great day!


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