Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Interesting Idea

I'm getting sick, so I took nyquill last night. Have you ever tried to work at a busy barn while your head is in a complete and unshakable fog? Yeah, it was pretty bad.

I took Izzy to the indoor, but Steph ended up doing most of the riding because Izzy had a little meltdown about things going on., to including bolting and bucking and generally wigging out on the lunge.

My apologies for the crappy phone video. Again, mental fog.

Anyways. I hopped on after Steph rode and Izzy was perfect. It made me wish I could afford training or something.

The point is this: one of Steph's more advanced students (a solid training level rider looking to move up) is trying to jump a lot more jumps without riding her horse into the ground.

Izzy needs to jump a lot of jumps.

This rider can't possibly screw Izzy up any worse than I would.

There might be a connection.

It's an intriguing idea--theoretically, Izzy would be getting a solid jumping education from a competent rider under Stephanie's supervision, since the rider is wanting to do a bunch of lessons. Depending on the scheduling, it could also help me out because I have trouble fitting in mid week rides. If the other rider rode 1-2 days a week, I would still be doing dressage on Izzy and then probably jumping once a week.

That would reduce the frequency that I could jump, but it would also further Izzy's training to a point that maybe she would actually know more than I do and like, you know, pack me around.

So... we'll see what happens. The other rider might jump at the chance or might not. She might ride Izzy once or twice and I decide I don't like what's happening and pull her. Steph might think I need to be the one putting miles in the saddle and not want me sharing.


  1. Very interesting idea. Definitely worth considering when you're feeling less foggy -- talk to Stephanie, watch the rider ride, etc.

    How're you feeling now? Heal quickly!!

  2. If you can't ride mid-week anyway, then it's not skimping out on putting miles in yourself. Also, I think it's better to have quality miles, then crap ones. Crap ones don't help your horse, but also crack your confidence. It sounds like a pretty solid idea to me. And I would hate sharing my horse too, but in your shoes would give it some serious thought.

  3. I'm getting to ride a really nice mare this break (not the baby) that is packing me around... love her. Such a quiet, easy ride. It's an idea worth considering, to get someone else to get your horse to the point where it will pack you around :D

    I'm considering asking the owner of the mare I'm riding who she got to train her, so that in a million years when I could actually afford a trainer I could take Don there. Because somehow the idea of someone else doing some of the work is becoming more and more inviting.

  4. I think this is a super idea for you. Building Izzy's confidence over fences will only help you with your new found jumping woes and make you two a solid pair in the future. Since it will be supervised you'll have some control on what happens which will give you some peace of mind. Good luck! *Also, maybe you'll get some neato video of Izzy doing bigger jumps from the new girl!

  5. Sounds like an idea with a lot of good possibilities. If the rider will be working your girl under Stephanie's supervision, then I'd go for it. The more good training Izzy gets, the better for you both.


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