Friday, January 27, 2012

Giant Gelding, Round 3

In keeping the my theme of riding giant geldings, today I decided to tackle Foster, the giant Irish spotted boy. By "I decided" I mean "the schedule most conveniently allowed".

I think most of you have seen his face before. I rode him a month or so ago, and could barely get him to move. At all. I was sore for days afterwards.

I didn't have high hopes for today, but he was on the schedule and there was no particular reason why I couldn't ride him. I decided that my goal for the ride was to get him to canter.

Also, I put on really sharp spurs.

To my advantage, there was a jumping lesson going on the in the indoor at the same time. Foster LOVES jumping, and he was pretty sure we were part of the lesson. He was actually fairly forward. I got a nice walk, a decent trot, and shockingly, he has a lovely canter. He gave me all three of those gaits with a minimum of grunting and kicking and humping the saddle on my part, which was awesome. He is completely unperturbed by people cantering by right next to him and was only minimally bothered by the other boarder's horse that was acting like a complete loon.

For the first time in my riding career, I had to manage two sets of reins--Foster's early training was... laughable... so he goes in draw reins about two days a week (down from every ride. yay!). Anyways, it wasn't pretty. I couldn't seem to keep the reins at reasonable lengths while going forward and steering. It wasn't like one set was a little wonky; no, I just pretty much had no reins. Clearly, we need to work on this.

IZZY UPDATE: Mareface has figured out that stall rest is way less awesome than she thought it would be. There is no wrapping, no mashes, no pool boy, greatly reduced attention, and NO COOKIES ANYWHERE!!!!! Scandalous, really. She got a funny look on her face when one of the girls went in to clean her stall, and apparently came bursting out when the girl tried to leave. Wondermare escape #1. I'm pretty sure it won't be her last attempt, either.


  1. Foster looks like a good solid fellow and I guess he proved himself with this ride. Horses like him are pretty special. Perhaps, in the future, you will be able to take him over a jump or two?

    Wondermare is wondering, that's for sure. I too suspect that will not be her first escape. A month is a long time for her to be patient.

  2. Hahah, funny -- and don't worry, I am uncoordinated with draw reins too. Since I only use them as an occasional horsey hint, I never get my hands sorted out and used to them.

    Get well soon, Izzy!

  3. Haha, poor Izzy, no more pool boy :P

    I am not particularly good at using more than one set of reins... My friends mare that I ride a lot goes in either a pelham or an elevator though, so I had to learn. And by learn I mean, I learned to keep them even, not that I learned how to functionally use one rein vs the other, lol.

  4. Oh Izzy, silly mare.

  5. Poor Foster... you filled him with false hopes of jumping, then cruelly denied it ;-)

  6. Yikes, I would be too terrified to try draw reins lol. I'm glad he has a surprisingly nice canter.

    Silly Izzy. Should have known she would try to make a break lol. She'll adjust though.


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