Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Verdict

Izzy was jogged, flexed, and examined.

She is not sound. She isn't worse, but she isn't better. There's still heat in her right front and she's quite sensitive to it. Conclusion: I can call a vet who can do all sorts of tests and tell me she strained something and give her 30 days of stall rest and charge me for the opinion. I can take her in to the hospital for all kinds of fancy treatments and spend thousands of dollars, or I can give her thirty days off to recuperate.

I took this picture yesterday. Hope Ms Mare enjoyed the view, because all she's seeing is her stall for a long, long time.

Despite literally everything else going well for me right now, I feel like I got punched in the gut. I spent most of the morning telling myself I would not cry about how frustrated I am. I even tried to stay optimistic and make a list of positives coming out of this:

1) Izzy is getting great care and has attentive, knowledgeable people around her constantly.
2) I can ride other horses and learn without messing her up.
3) Maybe a little break will be good for us.
4) I have more time to get work done since I'm not riding her.
5) I won't have to find someone to ride her for me when I'm out of town for shows.

Of course, there is an equally tangible negative to each one of those.

1) I am paying very expensive board for a lame horse that will not leave her stall for 30 days.
2) Izzy and I were finally starting to make progress. Now she's just losing fitness.
3) We already had a break and it wasn't exactly world-altering.
4) The whole point of working is to get better at riding my own horse.
5) I guess this one doesn't really have a negative. She's super low maintenance right now.

I also got paid today and a jumping lesson on a much more broke horse than Ms Mare. Meet Seamus. He's a training/prelim horse who is currently being leased by one of Stephanie's students. When she can't come to the barn, I get to ride his big, stupid, ugly self.

I should be more charitable. He's a fun ride, but he's not attractive and he's a gelding. He is an excellent jumper, so it was fun to ride a horse I knew I could trust to go.

Ugh. I wish I could say something more positive, but I'm trying not to cry. And I'm at work, so that would be super awkward.


  1. Sorry you didn't get better news - hope she improves with rest.

    And he's not ugly - just rugged (that's what we say about Pie)!

  2. Chin up! Sorry it isn't better news, but I do think 30 days of rest and then re-evaluate seems like a good idea, and will hopefullly allow you to get past this without a huge vet bill. I like that you made two lists (it's so tempting to just make a negative one), but now focus on the positive. I don't think Seamus is ugly at all, but then again I am partial to bay geldings....

  3. Oh, Sorry about the news.We had to give our draft mare two months off due to lameness, so I know the feeling. Stay positive :)

  4. Sorry it wasn't better, but rest can heal almost anything. Years ago I struggled with Scotty with an injured tendon. After months of frustration where he turned into a maniac I finally decided that he would never be sound again and threw him out on a 2 acre pasture. He made himself 3 legged lame for a while before his brain turned on.
    6 months later he was totally sound and returned to jumping with never a look back.
    If you have to give them time off - better the winter than the summer. I hope she heals up fast.

  5. Bummer - a lame pony just stinks! Try to focus on the positive as difficult as that is right now. It sounds like you're in a great place to make the most out of this situation.

  6. Sorry Aimee, this is tough, I can empathize FULLY. The time will go by fast, I promise! You might enjoy taking a little breaky break (I did!). I think my only caution is to be careful here with your decision not to get more vet input/an ultrasound. With a little rest, she could come out sound in 30 days but you could still have an injured soft tissue structure that will just flare up again or might have benefitted from a different rest protocol than the stall for 30 days. Maybe you can ask the vet to do a lighter exam/just look at the inflamed area with the machine. That'll give you more info and a sense of timing for recovery.

  7. By spring, you will be back on track. Use this time to train yourself and take advantage of all your opportunities to ride as many horses as possible. You will be grateful for it one day soon.

    I think you need to meet some interesting geldings. They are not boring and ugly! ;) Come on, silly.

  8. Bleh. I'm really sorry. I'm really glad you get to ride other awesome ponies while Izzy's recovering, though -- that'll help. Even if they're geldings. :)

    I might actually agree with Nicku above, though. Might be worth getting her added to the patient list if a vet's coming to the barn anytime soon or if Steph's hauling to IEH soon. Definitely your call.

    Heal quickly, Miss Mare!!

  9. Oh man that really stinks! I am so sorry! Keep your head up and lets hope for the best :) I agree that maybe getting a vets advice would be the best if it were me BUT do whats best for you :) Totally take this time to get extra time focused on your riding and then when she is ready again you will be that much better of a rider and prepared for her!! :)

  10. Seamus is not ugly! And "pretty is as pretty does." If he is a good solid, honest fellow, especially about his jumps, then he is an absolute beauty!!

    My heart goes out to you about Izzy. While I agree that spending thousands of dollars as opposed to stall rest is not the ideal option, you might want at least one good vet opinion. Could be that there is some kind of treatment that might speed the healing process.

    Wishing you well, no matter what you decide. You have and always sill do the best for your girl. Make sure she gets plenty of hugs--best medicine ever.

  11. It's hard when they get injured but she will be back in no time. 30 days is not long in the grand scheme of things.

  12. Aw Poor Izzy. Horses seem to hurt themselves at the inconvenient times. I hope she has a speedy recovery.
    btw - I don't think Seamus is ugly :)

  13. I think Seamus is kind of ugly. ;)

    Poor Izzy and poor you!! Hopefully 30 days goes right by. Enjoy your other rides.

  14. So sorry to read this. I kind of know how you feel and can relate to your lists. I try to tell myself it's all part of having a horse, but... I hope the recovery time goes well and that you enjoy your learning on another horse.

  15. :( She will get better soon, just needs some time. You can't rush anything, just give her the time she needs. Bake her some horse treats! Riding other horses will be so good for you, and for her.

  16. I second Barbara - at least it's winter for you now!!

  17. I'm sorry she is laid up for a bit, but she will recover and bounce back with her great muscle memory.
    Seamus is zero ugly!! I adore his face actually!!! Don't tell him he's ugly, or he'll feel sad.

  18. The advantage to having the vet out, though, is they can pinpoint the problem and you'll have a better idea of healing time.

    Hot and sensitive in a leg isn't great. There are no muscles below the knee of hock, so you are looking at bone or connective tissue. Those take more than 30 days to heal.

    She may be SOUND in thirty days. But if it is ligament or tendon, they probably won't be healed enough to really resume work. It is possible to set up a chronic injury that way. A few extra months now are nothing compared to years of useless and unsalable pasture pet and no funds for a rideable horse.

    I've been down the months of rehab road, and down the useless pasture pet road with an other. Direct me to your paypal if diagnosing her is out of budget, it really does pay off in the long run. I'd rather send someone I've never met (you) four or five hundred bucks to have this properly looked at and know you'll have a sound horse at the end than watch you go through what I've had to, or Andrea.

  19. I'm sending you and Izzy warm thoughts. You forgot one positive, though: she loves the grooming attention! *She* will think she's on a fantastic beauty vacation!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. I really enjoy following your blog; please feel free to "pass on" the award if you like. It is posted at my blog:

  20. Aww no dissing the cute gelding lol. I'm so sorry the news wasn't better. At least no worse is good news. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the stall rest fixes her up. Hang in there. It will be okay!


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