Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brain Training

In my continuing quest to discover how I misplaced my confidence, I ran across yet another excellent blog post from Cherie at Go Lightly Sport Horses.

The essence of her post was this: confidence is a skill like any other, so it must be trained like any other.

Simple, brilliant.

It makes so much sense.

Part of the training she (and the USOC) recommend is to write down a single line every single day of one positive accomplishment.

I can do that. It's measurable and manageable.

I didn't ride today (grrr! projects!) so I'll do a quick photo acheivement update. I took Izzy from this:

Five year old unstarted baby Izzy who reared up and almost kicked me in the head right after this was taken.

To this:

Eight year old broke Izzy who actually looks like a dressage (and occasionally jumping) horse.

We are going to do this together.


  1. You and Izzy have come really far!

  2. Alright, lemme splain about me and Don...

    His owners are friends of mine that I have known since high school. I was good friends with their daughter until after we graduated and she went off the deep end (drinking, drugs, etc). I used to ride Don for them while I was in high school, then I went off to college, they tried to sell him, he started bucking, when I came back she offered me this: I take him with me to college now, and when I graduate I buy him for what they paid for him ($500). Although lately she has started just telling me "He's yours once you graduate" so I don't even know about payment anymore, lol.

  3. Great progress. And think about it. You did so much of it on your own!

  4. excellent post she wrote about confidence and multi tasking abilities! You and Izzy have come so far, you should both be proud.

  5. Thanks for sharing that was an excellent read and I've added her to my Reader :)

  6. I like that idea. I think I will try to write everyday something positive I did in my daytimer.

    You too look great. Sometimes it nice to just look back and see how far we've come!


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