Thursday, January 19, 2012


The barn is currently lakefront property. After all the snow we got yesterday (like 6+ inches, which is oodles for us), the temperature soared up to like 36 and the downpour started.

It's been raining nonstop for over 24 hours on top of 6" of snow. I'll leave the rest of it to your imaginations.

Anyways. We're obviously confined to the indoor for now. (Did I mention it's also a bit slick?) The indoor is a good long walk from the barn, so we take the horses over in pairs and then tie one while the other works. At least, that's what we start out doing, but we keep adding more horses...

Here's where Izzy was tied. Those woodchips? Yeah. She made them. She objects strongly to straight tying, so she spent the entire 30 minutes she was standing there throwing a massive fit--pawing, bitting, pulling (but never back), spinning around, all the good stuff. One of Steph's clients was watching her horse being worked and got kind of worried about Izzy.

"She's just having a temper tantrum and she's way too smart to ever hurt herself," I assured the lady. True to form, Izzy pitch a fit, then stop and look at us to see if anyone was watching.

I tacked her up and brought her out. She was reasonably quiet on the lunge line, but quite prancy. She looked ok to the left, but again (still!) just ever so slightly off on her right front when going right. The theory is that she strained something in the initial incident of being completely wild in soft footing a week ago, then continues to restrain it every time she comes out and is wild again. Like today. Or Tuesday. Or any other time she sets foot outside her stall. Yay.

Current plan of attack is five days of bute, wrapping every night, and minimum 20 minutes walking (aced if necessary) every day. That should allow her to heal without stressing anything else.

We will stick to that schedule like the world's most official corgi is looking over our shoulders.


  1. Poor Izzy. I hope she comes right soon.

  2. I know exactly how you feel with all the wet weather. I didn't get to go out to the barn because the roads were closed due to flooding which NEVER happens.

    Get well soon Izzy!

    BTW - I adore your corgi, so cute :)

  3. Sounds like some dreadfulweather. But at least you have the indoor. I am sure you are so frustrated with Izzy's soundness. I am so sorry :( I really hope your next plan gets her sound again.

  4. Love Corgis!!

    Hopefully a prolonged rest will put Izzy right and the ground will have a chance to dry up in the meantime.

    Bad weather is headed our way too, so I am ready to sympathize. *sigh*

  5. Poor Izzy :( Hope she feels better soon!

  6. Yuck that's a lot of water!! I hope it clears up for you soon.

    I love the story about Izzy throwing a temper tantrum and then looking back at you. Cute! Naughty girl.

    Sucks that she's still off. I hope this new protocol clears it up.


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