Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Days

Izzy continues living large and enjoying life. She's been getting IV bute because she's good for shots and it's cheaper, plus she gets wrapped every night and unwrapped every morning. I hadwalk her twenty minutes a day and give her a thorough grooming.

All that and she does NO WORK. We better move this thing along or she's going to start hurting herself recreationally. Ms Mare loves all this attention.

I'm spending my free (haha! as if) time taking pictures and video of other students and then watching jumping videos on youtube. It's to the point that I really want to actually ride my horse and jump something, but can't right now. Definitely progress.

I braided Izzy's mane to help train it to lay on the correct side. Just another luxury for the wondermare. It's a little long right now, but I figured that would make the braiding process easier anyways.

Other than that, not a lot is going on. Well, unless you count getting actual winter weather and me riding lots of other horses both indoors and on hacks and over jumps. Those things are happening.

Also my beagle is adorable. Who wouldn't love his little funny face?


  1. Sounds like you are filling your riding Izzy time very well. I know it is not riding and jumping Izzy but I would still like to hear how your riding is coming along, especially your jumping. Winter has arrived here too. Sort of, it is like it comes and then disappears again. Very strange weather this winter.

  2. I bet she is loving the "bonding" time hahaha! I always say if I was a horse I would want to be owned by me- he always gets the best of everything!

  3. I had a 3 weeks in the fall of horsie bonding time when my gelding seemingly bruised his foot. I really enjoyed the hand walking and extra grooming. Of course, I was eager to get back in the saddle, but having down time has benefits.

  4. Spoiled Izzy lol. Her braids are cute. I hope she gets better quickly.

    I'm with Amy, I would love to hear about your riding even if it's not on Izzy.


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